Ptosis Correction experience


Dec 20, 2023
I'm almost 3 weeks post surgery and even tough I’m still recovering I want to share my experience because when I was doing research for my surgery, reading other people posts about their experience helped me a lot.

I was born with ptosis on my right eye, it didn’t bother me as much when I was a kid but around the age of 18/19 I started to feel extremely self conscious.
I always had that tired look on my face and when I was seek or sleepy it would become even more noticeable.
IMG_6119 Medium.jpegIMG_7152 Medium.jpeg
I always thought about getting the surgery but I was too scared to make the decision, finally going into my 30s I’ve decided that it must be done.

During the consultation with the doctor, I was given some eye drops that stimulate the loose eyelid muscle, so you sort of have a preview of the final result and it serves as a test to see if the other “normal” eyelid droops. It is called the Herrings Law and it can happen in 50% cases, because the eyelids are connected, if one of the eyelids is elevated the other can droop to compensate (at least this is how I understood it). In fact I noticed that, as my ptosis eyelid opened up after he gave me the eye drops, my normal eyelid went slightly lower than usual and so I was told that the surgery had to be done on both eyes for a better symmetrical result.

The day of the surgery my anxiety levels were higher than ever, I arrived to the clinic at 15:30, on empty stomach, after signing some papers I went directly to my room and changed into the hospital gown they gave me.
At around 16 the surgeon and the anesthesiologist came in to check on me, my doctor informed me that during the surgery he would check the levator muscle response and depending on that he would decide whether it is necessary to operate on both eyes or just one. At that point I was too scared of what was about to happen to say anything so I just went along with everything he said. I was silently freaking out as the nurse inserted the intravenous catheter in my forearm and my wrist and helped me walk to the OR. The surgery had to be done with local anesthesia and IV or conscious sedation, when I was placed on the operating table the medical team started preparing me for the surgery by connecting me to the monitors. The OR felt very cold but they covered me with a blanket. I remember that I was trying to calm myself and kept asking the anesthesiologist dumb questions but the moment he started to administer the sedative I felt completely relaxed, after what felt like 5/6 seconds I fell asleep and then was woken by the doctor and asked to move the eyelids in order for him to make adjustments and place the stitches. I stayed half awake during the rest of the procedure, there was no pain involved, I just remember laying there and seeing the threads moving away and into my eyelid. That sounds like something straight out of a horror movie and that would have normally freaked me out but I was feeling nothing, maybe some pulling. All in all I have very little recollection of that time because the drugs used for IV sedation are supposed to make you forget the most of it.
After the surgery, they wheeled me back to my room and said that I had to lay there for a bit with an ice pack on my lid until I’m feeling good enough to change back into my clothes. I felt a bit sleepy the first 5 minutes and after maybe 15/20 minutes I was feeling normal again. My doctor came in to see me and check his work, my eyelid was already starting to swell but still no pain was involved. I went back to my hotel room and finally had something to eat.

The immediate result seemed really promising, he did only one eye and even though it was swollen I could see that my right eye was already more open than before.
IMG_7016 Medium.jpeg (the same evening)IMG_7744 Medium.jpeg (the next morning)IMG_7748.jpg (2 days post op)

I was given instructions to use a lubricating ointment and some drops for my eye. I had to sleep in a sited position and use ice packs for the swelling.
I was also prescribed some pain medication but had to use it only once during the first night, more because of the discomfort from the swelling and the eye feeling dry, and because I’m a little baby, can't stand any pain so I took it just in case. I felt e bit better but still had issues staying asleep and kept waking up because my eye was tearing up. (I could have avoided it by using the lubricating ointment but my dumb ass thought that it was for the eyelid area, later I learned that I had to apply directly INTO the eye). The next few days were more or less the same but I could sleep better with my eyes covered with a sleeping mask and a gauze pad so my eye stayed fully closed and lubricated with ointment.

One the 4th day the swelling started to be less visible and at the same time the eyelid opened up even more so the eye looked bigger and stayed like this until the removal of the stitches (day 8 post surgery).
IMG_7749 Medium.jpeg (day 4 post op) IMG_7752 Medium.jpegIMG_7751 Medium.jpeg (before removing the stitches)

I expressed my concerns to my doctor but he reassured me that all is going well and that my eyelid still has to “adjust” to the new height. After he quickly and painlessly removed the stitches, he started to massage the eyelid by pulling it downward and giving me instructions to look up. That was probably the most unpleasant part out of everything else but all in all bearable.
IMG_7763 Medium.jpeg (after removing the stitches 8 days post op)

He showed me how to do the exercises to relax the eyelid which essentially consists in hard blinking with one eye for 20/30 seconds at a time. I have to do them daily until the next follow up appointment in 3 weeks. I’m now almost 3 weeks post surgery, though the “ptosis” eye is not so wide open as it was before the stitches removal, it looks weird when I look down. Often when the normal eye is more tired and relaxed the difference becomes even more visible. When I look up or straight in front of me, the eyelids seem reasonably even, it’s kinda the opposite now, because before the surgery the ptosis was most visible when I looked up or straight in front of me. I still have problems fully closing the eyelid, it’s getting better but still it’s not completely relaxed so when I sleep I have to use a sleeping mask to push the eyelid down.

I know that maybe I’m just over reacting, being still at an early stage of recovery and that the healing process may take up to 1-3 months but I can’t help but think that maybe he over corrected the eyelid or that the eyelid won’t relax unless I do another surgery.
When I was doing my research I learned that it is normal not to see the result until later and that I have to be very patient, the problem is that I do see the result already and it’s not really what I hoped for. I cannot find enough information online about this issue, I hope maybe someone who had the same problem can share their results.

IMG_7761 Medium.jpeg 18 days post op IMG_7767 Medium.jpeg looking down IMG_7759 Medium.jpeg