PTI wallet Question

  1. I want to buy the white MC PTI wallet. I have a question for all the owners of this:heart: wallet.
    It's about the coin compartment....I have the feeling that my coins will fall out my wallet. I'm used to a zipper compartment, but the white mc collection does not have the pochette wallet.
    So please let me know about your experience with this wallet!
  2. I have the mono pti. I never have put change in the change part, only bills. I use a separate zipped small coin purse for change. Plus, I would think if you put change in there it would make it harder to snap it closed.
  3. Hi, I have the mono pti and I do have some change in the change pocket. I have never had a single coin fall out....
  4. there is a pochette wallet in MC, hold on i'll get a pic

    There you go!
    Personally, I like this pochette porte-monnaie style better cuz the PTI is so "vertical" or long........ it's like....where do I put my hands when I open it? lol the top, middle, or bottom of the tri-fold? lol
  5. I've never had a problem - I think you will be ok
  6. The MC pochette wallet is so pretty,I got a white one:p
  7. ^Yes, they do have a pochette wallet.
  8. I :heart: this wallet......
  9. I have the MC PTI...I would have gotten the pochette, but I didn't know it existed until after I got my PTI
  10. Coins will not fall out of it.:yes:
  11. I have the black change never falls out.
  12. I have a mat mono PTI. The flap on the change compartment stays closed; plus the change compartment is "extra closed" when the main snap is fastened.

    The change compartment is easy to close as long as you don't overload it with coins - then it can become a little bulky.

  13. Same here. I have a white MC PTI and it holds coins fine.
  14. i have the black MC PTI, and coins will never fall out of the change compartment :p
  15. I have a mono PTI - when I did put coins in it, they never fell out. I use a separate coin purse though and use the coin compartment for important papers and receipts.