PTI owners...

  1. Where do you put your bills( paper money), Behind the coin pocket or behind the c/c slots?
  2. Behind the coin pocket.
  3. I put my bills in the coin pocket :yes:
  4. Inside the coin pocket. Coins go in a separate coin purse in my bag.
  5. is it possible to have this wallet inside a pocket or is it too large?
  6. It's too large for jacket pocket for sure.
  7. the picture says coin
  8. I put it behind the CC holder...i have business cards and random membership cards (like blockbuster and stuff) in the coin pocket, and then little notes and reciepts and stuff behind the coin pocket.
  9. ^same here
  10. behind coin pocket..this wallet way too long for me..
  11. I put my money behind the credit cards. Yes, the wallet is long...
  12. Behind the coin pocket or in the coin pocket......I have to be in the mood for a big wallet to use this one anymore but I do love it. Plus it was a steal at like $250 or so when I bought it 7 years ago!
  13. I hate mine! I was so disappointed when my daughter picked my new Koala as the one she wanted (I gave her a choice). As soon as I can afford it, I'm going to get something different. I find the PTI really ackward, bulky and big to use personally - but am still using the darn thing every day. ARRGHH.
  14. C-M... good to know, as you know I've been on a pti hunt. I posted an accordian ques/request for pics in the shopping forum...
  15. I'm hoping to have some time to help this weekend - I will PM you!