Pte Cles Pastilles 07 on ebay

  1. I saw that it's pretty
  2. I'm not impressed! I think I'd like it more if it were a mix of red/pink/white on one keychain. The framboise Heart coin purse is gorgeous though!
  3. At least they got it right with the keyring and the thingy to hook it to the D-Ring in many bags. But I don't feel it either... :p

    Still :love: my multicolor porte cles (luckily lol)!
  4. Yeah I agree. I'm still getting the pink heart coin purse, but that's it!
  5. I think this keychain will probably look better in framboise. I think it's the shade of red on it that I don't really like. We'll see...
  6. Yeah I love my other pastilles (the ones that go around in a circle) but these look boring. Maybe we'll love the pink ones. I'm gonna call LV and see when these come out. I think that eBay seller is in hong kong.
  7. Pretty, but I like the other pastilles much better!
  8. Awww shucks....I thought it was going to be like a bracelet/keychain like the other pastilles. And $325? Yikes!
  9. I really want to see the pink one!! But its so CUTE! :yes:
  10. This seller might have some vip contact cause it's not out yet! I love it!
  11. I agree..I love the old Pastilles one a lot more. Maybe if there were little M&M looking things on there in pink, red and white like Lulu said, it'd be so much prettier. Otherwise, I'm not really that wow-ed by it.
  12. Ditto
  13. I want it in the perle, but 325 for a glorified keychain? Nuh-uh :blah:
  14. I like it.