PT with GH - marine or aqua????

  1. I just got the aqua with GH part time, and I'm afraid I look too "blingy" with it. I saw a picture of Mandy Moore toting around her marine pt and it looked awesome. Do you think it looks better on the darker bag, instead of the aqua or am I delusional? Here are a couple of pics in the sun of my bag.
    realgallery.jpg hanging.jpg gallery.jpg
  2. Did you miss my PT Marine w/GH?:nuts: it is gorgeous.:drool: I personally like the Natural, Cafe, Marine and off White w/GH. :yes: For Aqua i like to get the First w/RH (IMO). Here is mine.:love:
    IMG_2261 (2).JPG IMG_2267 (2).JPG IMG_2276 (2).JPG
    THIS COLOR:yahoo:
  4. The aqua is much least to me....:p
  5. I prefer the aqua color to marine, but with GH I prefer marine - I think it looks very pretty.

    Does that make sense? :p
  6. When I walked into NM yesterday and saw the aqua city w/gh - I just HAD to have the bag. It was not anywhere close to being on my wish list, I just fell in love with it when I saw it!

    I think both aqua and marine p/t with gh are lovely, it comes down to which one you will be most comfortable carrying. If you think the aqua w/gh is to 'blingy' then you most likely won't carry it very often.

    Did I help? I hope so!
  7. I think that it looks like a great summer color. I think that all the GH looks blingy IMO. I am sure that you can rock it. If you like the color then I would definitly keep it, if the color is not what you want then I would get the color that you want the most. Hope this helps!!
    Congrats by the way!!!
  8. Oh my gosh Nanaz, your bag is gorgeous!!! WOW.
    messengerbaglover: your bag is pretty, but if i had to choose I would take marine with the GH.
  9. thanks guys, I think I can't pull off the hardware. I'm gonna wait and see what balny has...
  10. ^same with me. i think the GH looks lovely, but *I* wouldn't be able to carry it off. however, i would LOVE an aqua with RH
  11. The GH line is soooo addictive! I prefer the marine with GH over the aqua though.. I think the marine is much more of a classic color.
  12. The aqua color is beautiful, but I agree with Nanaz that the GH looks better on darker colors. Overall, I would say the marine is the best choice.
  13. yes i know what u mean. GH is challenging...... im in the same situatiom with other bags--- and GH---- hmmmm..... wonder what i will do....
  14. Oh No, I love your aqua GH. In fact, you are the inspiration, I'm getting one shortly. I love the colour, lovely on the marine, but lovlier in aqua (IMO). I'm a colour person. Please update on your final decision!!!
  15. You know what - part of me - the attention-seeking part of me - wants to get the Giant hardware just so people will NOTICE. I'm kinda tired of carrying around a $1000+ bag that nobody notices!!! I want it to get the attention it deserves...and me the attention I deserve for having such good taste in bags. ;)

    I have an aquamarine PT on its way to me ... will let you know what I think. The bling seems so "not me" ... but I'm ready to give it a try (for the above reason).