PT vs Work

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am brand spanking new to the intoxicating world of Balenciaga and with my OCD personality, I have been hit hard and I want MORE. I just bought a Papeete RH City from HG bags as an early birthday gift (with full confession to my DH) and now I am considering my second bag. Math and I never got along, so even though I knew the dimensions of the City, it seems smaller than I envisioned (I like to carry alot :P). I am now wanting Anthracite in either a Part Time or Work. I know the PT is wider and has more depth and the Work is taller and wider. Does anyone who owns both have any shots of the bags side by side to help me in my decision? I love the look of both, but am a little fearful that with the Work it may end up looking like I am carrying a piece of luggage. What is the general consensus for those of you who own (and love) both? Any feedback would be very much appreciated :biggrin:
  2. I have a work and a city. I love love love my work. The city is definitely to small for me as well. I have had my eye on the parttime. Here's the thing-The work will hold tons of stuff, but I couldn't carry mine over my shoulder until the handles stretched a little bit and still it doesn't go over my shoulder and stay put with jackets, blazers or coats. The part-time is a little smaller but has a shoulder strap. Actually, I don't think it's smaller, but maybe just not as tall. I will probably end up with a part-time. Sorry for rambling....=) Hope I helped!
  3. I do not have a PT, but I have several Cities and Works. The PT and City have a shoulder strap and the Work has not, so it depends on how you like to carry the bags. My Works' handles fits over my shoulder if I do not wear a very thick coat, but I usually carry them on my arm. I do not think it looks like I'm carrying a piece of luggage when the Work is really! Hopefully someone can post a comparison pic of the Word & PT:smile:
  4. jroos and purses & pugs...thank you both so much for your input. I love them both, but I do want to make sure I get the right one for me because I do not know how many I will be able to get now that my DH knows how much they go for. Have to be careful, if you KWIM :P I hope some kind soul can post pics to help me out
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.