PT says no more sandals!! But my wardrobe consists of skirts and sun-dresses!

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  1. I went to the Physical Therapist because of a minor foot injury, but she says I can no longer wear my rainbow sandals (or any other sandals) around school (large university campus) if I want my injury to heel. She told me I had to wear shoes with heel backings so my achilles tendon could rest.

    So I picked up these:
    [​IMG]at the Puma store a few days ago.

    Are they ok looking to wear with skirts/sun dresses? I like to wear Free People, Marc by Marc Jacobs and other fun, colorful brands.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for cute shoes?
  2. I wear my Converse with skirts and dresses all the time. I think they look really cute with my Marc by Marc Jacobs dresses. You could put extra inserts in them if you need more support.
  3. good advice!! thanks! I'll look into converse (they were uncomfortable for me before, but I'll try inserts)
  4. If they fit you ok, don't forget skechers has all kinds of cute styles that could easily work with skirts & dresses - lots of eyelets & brocade fabrics.
  5. I love just simple flats..I have black, pink, white etc. They go with anything:smile:
    Those puma ones are a bit to sporty looking for me though.
  6. Cole Haan G Series (w/Nike technology) are very nice. I have 3 pair and am constantly running around in them and my feet still feel fin at the end of the day.
  7. Can you do ballet flats? TBH I wouldn't wear something so sporty with pretty MJ dresses