PT or City?

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  1. Hey ladies! I have been desperately searching for a Black GGH PT for over 2 months now. Really want it to be my first Bbag purchase! I've started to get quite disillusioned now as it is proving IMPOSSIBLE to find! I've rang Bal London lots of times and my name is on a waiting list but they have no idea when the bags are going to come in, no clue at all. Im beginning to wonder now if I should just start looking for a black city GGH instead. I know the PT would be my first choice but it really seems as though they are incredibly hard to find. Any advice out there? What are your thoughts on city VS PT? Any help would be great!
  2. ^^Are you in the uk Ruby85? Just remember if you buy one from eBay from an international seller to allow for likely customs fee's. Also be sure to get it authenticated first.
    Good luck!
  3. Yeah i think the customs fees will be a killer!
  4. I prefer the City b/c it's the perfect size....although I think the GH does look nicer on the PT.