PT lovers… APPLE GREEN RH PT at NM in Tysons II

  1. This bag is :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Ask for Carey. 703.761.1600, EXT. 3034
  2. ?? The Part Time never came in Apple Green.... Do you mean Vert Gazon?
  3. No, not Vert Gazon... BRIGHT APPLE GREEN :yes: :yes: and the leather is TDF :nuts:
  4. how could it possibley be AG??? there's no way - the SA probably think's it is bright because VG is a bright colored green as opposed to other greens like sapin or emerald

    i think he is confused...
  5. What store is it??
  6. Hmmmm.....incoral, where are you? If you see this, would you be able to take a minute and swing my NM to check out the PT in question? I'm quite intrigued by this!
  7. :tup:I just called is a grass green one...
    the vert gazon ...not apple....:crybaby:
  8. Yea, the PT style was not even introduced until F/W 06 so I knew that was not possible.
  9. I saw it in person... it was really BRIGHT green... not dark green :wtf:
  10. Maybe it's a really bright variation of the VG ... who knows... ??? sounds veerrrry interesting!!
  11. Did it look like this (not my pic!)? [​IMG]
  12. Yes, but with more yellow tones, like a darker lime. I'll head over there again after work and see if they'll let me take a pic!
  13. I saw the bag - its vert gazon. :smile:
  14. No they won't let you take a pic if you ask be sure to sneak it. ;)
  15. LOL! It's Vert Gazon. I'm walking over there, will let you know in a few.