Psychpursediva's Collection

  1. Here is my collection. A few bags are missing (the files were to big & I don't have time to resize). More to come when I get the time! But, this is it mostly (for now!!!).

    Missing Bags:
    1. Fendi Spy Bag (Black)
    2. Chloe Small Paddington Satchel (Black)
    3. Gucci Horsebit Hobo (Brown GG)
    4. Burberry Nova Check Large Tote
    5. Bulga Large Studded Hobo (Red)
    6. Chanel Modern Chain Tote (Black)
    7. Chanel Coco Cabas (Black)

    Enjoy! ;)
    PursePics 002.jpg PursePics 004.jpg PursePics 005.jpg LV.jpg
  2. I am jealous of your chanels. I want them all.
  3. Such great choices!! My sis is currently using that same vintage Gucci speedy right now!
  4. great collection.
  5. Wow ... awesome collection! Love all of it!
  6. That first Chanel pic is stunning
  7. I love your Chanels. :heart:
  8. Love the Chanel!!!
  9. Thanks ladies for the compliments!!! What can I say... I love purses!
  10. manhattan :drool::drool::drool:
  11. your chanel collection is totally uniform..
  12. You have a lovely collection! I love them all!

    But may I ask when you posted this thread? Because I posted my collection on the showcase more than a week ago and it still hasn't been posted I just don't know why :confused1:
  13. I LOVE your Chanel's.
  14. Bag Showcase threads may take a while to be up because the thread has to be approved and the Mods are pretty busy.
  15. I love it all! Especially the Chanels!