Psychologist Murdered in Office *graphic*

  1. NEW YORK (Feb. 14) - Police hunting for a man who hacked a psychologist to death with a 9-inch knife and a meat cleaver have plenty of clues: a sketch, a witness, surveillance footage, and two bags full of bizarre items the killer left in the basement of the victim's office building.

    What they don't know yet is where the balding, middle-aged suspect is, or why he attacked the 56-year-old therapist and seriously hurt a colleague who came to her aid.

    Investigators combed the slain woman's computer for clues, interviewed a traumatized patient who witnessed Wednesday's attack and analyzed security camera footage to see whether the attacker had been to the office before his deadly rampage.

    Police were trying to determine whether the suspect was a patient of the dead therapist, Kathryn Faughey, or had a connection to someone she was counseling. Faughey treated people for relationship and intimacy issues and job stress.

    Police said the suspect left behind a roller suitcase filled with adult diapers and women's clothing - including blouses and slippers - and a smaller second bag containing eight knives, rope and duct tape that were not apparently used in the attack.

    The killing shocked the mental health care community and raised questions about safety protections at therapists' offices. It also rattled residents of the affluent Manhattan neighborhood around Faughey's office.

    "Everyone in the building is very nervous, because we know that this person is loose. It's very frightening," said Linda Elliott, who lives in the East 79th Street building where the attack occurred. It is in a bustling neighborhood just blocks from a major hospital complex.

    Carrying the two bags and dressed in a three-quarter-length green coat, knit cap and gloves, the suspect breezed past the building's doorman, saying he had an appointment with Dr. Kent Shinbach, a 70-year-old geriatric psychiatrist who worked in the same office suite as Faughey, according to police. Shinbach had office hours into the evening, police said, but it wasn't clear whether Shinbach or Faughey was the intended target.

    The suspect walked into the suite's waiting room, where a female patient was waiting to see Shinbach, and at some point went into Faughey's office and attacked her, police said. Shinbach heard Faughey's screams and ran to help.

    The suspect apparently didn't recognize Shinbach when he opened the door and said "she's dead," referring to Faughey, police said. He then attacked the psychiatrist, stabbing at Shinbach and pinning him to the wall with a chair before stealing $90 and escaping through a basement door, according to police.

    Shinbach screamed out to the street from Faughey's office for help, and the building doorman called 911 around 9 p.m. By then, the suspect had escaped.

    Shinbach had slash wounds on his head, face and hands. Police, believing the killer may have been injured in the attack, issued alerts to area hospitals.

    Blood was found on the basement doorknob, and police said the route outside from the first-floor office wasn't very obvious; it was possible the suspect knew where he was going. Surveillance tapes show the suspect deliberately leaving the luggage by the basement door before walking out.
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  5. What a horrible story. I can't believe he got away.
  6. This is very scary. It is obvious this person had planned this crime beforehand.
  7. exactly it's a shame he got awawy though.:sad:
  8. OMG how terrible!
  9. I live very near this building and actually have friends who live there. The neighborhood is in a state of shock and disbelief...rarely does something so horrific happen around here. My kids are spooked and so am I and the fact that the NY POst front page says something like "79th. St. Butcher" certainly does not help. It does make me feel a little better that it seems it was not random and that he knew who he was after. Lots of news trucks, reporters, and police everywhere.
  10. One word: Creepy
  11. Hope they FIND this PSYCHO !!!!!
  12. Don't they have a picture of him on video carrying two bags he left behind with a bunch of knives in them? Why is he still a "suspect"? much more do you need as proof?
  13. He was wearing a hood or hat and a trench coat in the video..not actually a head shot..
  14. This is so sad. Some people these days.. :sad:
  15. Mental patient arrested in brutal slaying of East side therapist

    Saturday, February 16th 2008, 8:38 PM [​IMG]
    Keivom/News David Tarloff, accused of killing Kathryn Faughey, is walked out of the 19th precinct on Saturday.
    [​IMG] Faughey with husband Adam. She was brutally hacked to death in her office Tuesday night.
    A schizophrenic mama's boy nursing a 17-year grudge was charged with the meat-cleaver murder of an upper East Side therapist on Saturday after three palm prints tied him to the gruesome crime, police said.

    The suspect snapped and attacked psychologist Kathryn Faughey during a bizarre robbery of her business partner - who had sent the alleged killer off to a mental institution in 1991, police sources said.

    David Tarloff targeted Dr. Kenneth Shinbach as payback - and told police he planned to finance a mother-son Hawaii getaway with the psychiatrist's money.

    Tarloff planned to kidnap his 73-year-old mother Beatrice from a nursing home after the robbery and then disappear with her at his side, police said.

    Tarloff was tracked down early Saturday after his palm prints were lifted from a package of adult diapers that cops say he'd packed for his mom, along with women's clothes, in anticipation of their warm-weather jaunt.

    Police were unsure what ignited Tarloff's murderous rage against Faughey, who was hacked and slashed 15 times during the vicious attack.

    Cops believe the alleged killer was surprised to find her in the office on Tuesday evening.

    After mortally wounding Faughey, Tarloff allegedly carried out his plan and robbed Shinbach when the doctor rushed to his screaming colleague's aid. Tarloff slashed Sinbach, stole his wallet and escaped with a mere $90, police said.

    Shortly before Tarloff - a single man with no children and few friends - was charged with murder and attempted murder, Faughey's distraught husband told the Daily News cops "seem pretty confident" they have the right suspect.

    "I don't have any feelings. I'm numb," Walter Adam said as he returned home - accompanied by a priest and family members - after his wife's funeral.

    Tarloff, a telemarketer, was picked up by cops about 5:40 a.m. after experts matched the palm prints from the diapers to those taken by cops after his Feb. 1 arrest for punching a security guard at a hospital where his mom was being treated in the Rockaways.

    Investigators said the former mental patient was also identified by three witnesses - including Shinbach - as the balding, fat-faced killer. There were nicks and cuts on his right hand as well, police said.

    Tarloff was in custody at Manhattan's 19th Precinct stationhouse, where police said he made incriminating statements during a 25-minute interrogation before asking for a lawyer.

    Neighbors in his co-op building in Corona described him as an "unstable" man who had been institutionalized by the state. "He's not all there," said a neighbor, while a second called him "a very sick person."

    Tarloff had shared his apartment with his elderly mom until she was put in a nursing home two years ago, neighbors said.

    "He was just an eccentric person wandering around the building. He was a person not like the rest of us," a neighbor said.

    Surveillance cameras near the slain therapist's E. 79th St. office filmed Tarloff entering the building and testing out his escape route at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. About 90 minutes later, he returned and lugged inside two bags filled with the cleaver, knives, rope, tape, women's clothing and adult diapers, police said.

    He went up to the suite that Faughey and Shinbach shared and chatted with another patient until she went into Shinbach's office, police said. Faughey then apparently startled Tarloff and he allegedly attacked her.

    The 56-year-old therapist fought in vain for her life. She was gashed repeatedly with the cleaver and a knife. The killer stabbed her with such ferocity that the blade on the 9-inch knife was bent. Shinbach was badly injured and robbed when he came to Faughey's aid.

    The break in the case came when the prints were pulled from the diapers and one of two bags left at the murder scene.

    Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the forensics were the key to solving the murder, and detectives recovered a large amount of physical evidence during their investigation. Blood also was recovered from the office and basement door used by the killer to escape.

    "I hope this arrest provides some measure of solace at this terrible time for her husband and the rest of her family," Kelly said.

    Word that cops had grabbed Tarloff leaked out as Faughey's loved ones gathered at St. Monica's Church for her funeral.

    "She was as vivacious, and as smiling, and as happy as ever, and as gracious and generous," said the Rev. Seamus Finn. He urged mourners "to remember the joy, to remember the freshness that she wanted to bring to many of us."