Psycho Fitness Instructors

  1. Last night, I tried Bikram again and it was so hot! This guy tried to leave and the instructor shut the door and wouldn't let him out. He looked like he was going to vomit/pass out. He basically collapsed on his towel and then made a run for it when the instructor went back to the front of the room. He also wouldn't let us drink water. I half-jokingly felt that we were held hostage. Oh yeah, and the wonderful diatribe of us being weak, etc.. etc.. etc..

    Does anyone have other similar experiences or stories to share?
  2. Um.... waaaaayyyy too crazy for me. That isn't healthy. I had problems like that with an old dry-land coach and I just got 'kicked out' and left. That should not be allowed IMO
  3. Wow -- that is crazy -- I used to take Bikram yoga reguarily and the instructors stressed the need for water during class and encouraged people to take breaks if they felt weak or sick. Someone like that she clearly not be teaching classes!
  4. As a fitness instructor myself, I would never pull such a dangerous stunt in a class but there are definitely pariticipants I wish would leave my classes and I'd gladly hold the door for them on the way out! :biggrin:
  5. Ooooh stay away from that guy. He probably came to Bikram yoga fresh off a stint from the army! I'm very picky about the instructor when I take a yoga or exercise class. if I don't feel like they have "good energy" I stay away from their classes. It can totally change your experience if the instructor seems negative or issue laden. There are a lot of good ones out there, though!

    That instructor seems very crazy. I've taken classes with Bikram himself in LA, and while he's been known to push people to some degree, he has a great sense of humour and is not in the least "militant". Once I looked up to see him observing me and he made the quixotic statement "You have to get in touch with the strength in your thigh" It sort of made me laugh, but I found it true since at the time I was very flexible but did not consider myself strong. A good yoga class for me is when I feel challenged yet nurtured.

    I hope this guy doesn't teach too many classes in your studio!
  6. LOL omg that's insane.

    The closest my fitness instructors have gotten when it's in Yoga and they're all ex-pro ballerina dancers and we're in some pose that makes a pretzel feel like they've got human friends and then the instructor goes:

    Okay... now balance on one hand and hold that.

    At which times I look like a Weeble Wooble who actually does fall down.
  7. holy crap! That's scary!! No, I always exercise on my own... that's a funny store to share though :smile:
  8. That guy is dangerous. He sounds nuts and has no business running a class. Cannot believe he is "licensed" and someone put him in that position. I hope someone reported him.
  9. Yeah, I think that's a big reason why I haven't been back. If anything, I hated being deprived of water. I wonder what Bikram would have said to that!

    I'm actually kind of surprised that no one has any stories of fitness coaches. When I did crew, we had this portugese coach that would push us all until we all puked.... Maybe I just gravitate to people like that. :Push:
  10. It's too should actually make a complaint against him. (In my class even in LA water was allowed , and everyone had a water bottle.) They advise against guzzling it during class, but lots of people take a couple of sips as and when they need it, especially in the beginning.

    Bikram has a book that I found very helpful, called Bikram's beginning yoga class where he explains a lot about yoga and his philosophies. You might want to pick it up if you see it anywhere. Even if you choose a different type of yoga, it's still very informative (and I'm not affiliated with Bikram in any way, but I've taken a lot of different yoga classes)
  11. It's experiences like that, that make me hesitant to try certain regimes. I know its the instructor and not related to the regime but its that fear of having a crappy facilitator not caring about people.
  12. because bikram makes you so sleepy, i find that it helps to do it at night, then go home, shower and right to sleep.. the next morning you feel incredibily refreshed :smile: i can only do the bikram once every 2 weeks, because, well, it's just SO DAMN HOT!
  13. I tried the Bikran Yoga for 3 days this week at the DC Bikram Yoga center and I am HOOKED!!!

    The first day was so bad I left 15 min. before the end of the class. I couldn't take the heat. Then it got better day after day and by class 3 I was thinking "It's not hot enough they must have turned down the heat!" lol!!

    My instructor was great.. She told us to try and stay for the whole time. If you feel dizzy, nauseous, which is normal for the first few times, just lie down.. drink water.. etc. I love it. I never tried anything yoga despite all the hype, but it makes me calm and energetic.
  14. bikram yoga here is the same...once class starts they wont let you out ("letting out the heat, Good for you etc etc)....My girlfriend got so choked having to stay there and shes one of those pepople who get really irritated when its hot.