Psycho buyer- Need Advice Please

  1. I apologize in advance for the long post…

    Okay, so I sold a beautiful, authentic Chanel bag on eBay. It was from the early 90’s and the style was a bit old for me. Anyway, the buyer contacted me stating that the bag was too small for her and that she overbid and wanted to return it. I explained that the dimensions were stated in the listing and that bidding is a binding contract. She opened a SNAD PayPal claim, which was officially denied. She left me negative FB that contained profanity, so eBay removed it. Since then she has been sending me harassing emails calling me all sorts of obscene names and threatening a law suit. Today, she sends me an email stating that she knows where I live and work (which she proved that she does), and that she is going to come “looking” for me. I contacted eBay and their security department is investigating the emails. Now, I don’t really care if she comes looking for me, but I do care if she does a credit card chargeback or files a small claims suit. Does anyone know how that works? Will the denied PayPal claim help me, and if ebay suspends her account, will that work in my favor? Ebay said I should file a police report. What do you think? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. :cursing:
  2. Definately file a police report.
    This is only my opinion, but I think she's just trying to scare you.
  3. This buyer is CRAZY!!!!
  4. Shes just trying to scare you. I dealt with plenty of crazy customers. They keep saying things like i am going to call the FBI and that they will sue 90% of the time they just want there money back.. and they try everything... Had the same problem with a very mean customer.. And on top of that she even told me that she had cancer and that i had to favor her no matter what... I just cant take this online business anymore.. I should look for a 9 to 5 job...Lmao
  5. File a police report. There are a lot of bonafide kooks out there. That she left profane feedback is disturbing, that she followed up with threats of hunting you down and knows where you live and work is even more so. Her actions demonstrate a total lack of control. Beware and be aware.

    Frankly, I'd be more concerned about the veiled threats than the possibility of her filing a civil suit. Good Luck to you!
  6. wow. she is crazy. call the local police. does she live near you??
  7. Yes, about 40 minutes away!
  8. file a police report. years ago, I had a continual caller who would ring me in the wee hours of the morning insisting that her boyfriend was with me. The calls escalated in their threats and general insanity. Because I was sure she didn't know where I lived (it was a wrong number!) I didn't take it seriously. Over the Christmas break I mentioned it to a male friend, he and a few buddies started staying at the apartment with me since my roommates and most of our neighbors were away. I felt silly with them sleeping on the couch and the living room floor, but the night that she started banging on the apartment door and broke it down before the police arrived--well, I was glad she was met by 3 Marines with drawn weapons.

    Call the police. Immediately.
  9. OH MY GOD. That's really scary!!!! I know I'm a freak, but do you think you should stay at a hotel until something works out? I mean, that's really scary. People are nuts.
  10. Wow how scary!!

    I definitely agree, call the police ASAP, this lady is NUTS. Better to protect yourself now than be sorry later.
  11. I would file a police report and make sure ebay keeps on top of this. Her ebay account should be suspended
  12. I agree with the others, print out copies of all the nasty emails and threats she has sent you and take them down to the police station and file a report.

    It doesn't matter wether or not she intends to follow through, she is harrasing you and you don't deserve that! Maybe a visit from her local sherrif would cool her off a bit!

    There are some crazy irrational people out there!

    Sorry you are having to deal with this nit wit!
  13. I know this is completely off topic but Im curious...Are Marines really allowed to own, hold, and brandish personal firearms?

    PS: In regard to the OP, call the police, get a papertrail started and inform the "nutjob" immediately that youre not going to take this crap. Her games should stop then when she hears the words "Police" and "Report"
  14. Also call your District Attorney! They can have her arrested asap. Better yet, print out all her emails and other reports you got from ebay and paypal and go to the DA's office personally...TODAY.
  15. The only silver lining in this is that she IS nearby so the local authorities can handle it. Print off those emails and get down to the police station ASAP. Keep your cell phone charged and by your bedside. Perhaps notify your local neighborhood watch and your immediate neighbors so they can be on the lookout for suspicious types hanging around your place. Also, consider getting a friend to stay over, or borrowing a big a** dog!

    Good luck to you.