Psychiatrist knits brain from yarn

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  1. :nuts:

    Psychiatrist knits brain from yarn
    Published: Jan. 16, 2009 at 4:33 PM

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 16 (UPI) -- A Massachusetts psychiatrist said it took her one year to knit an anatomically correct replica of the human brain out of yarn.

    Dr. Karen Norberg, of the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, said she used different colors to distinguish the different parts of the brain, including cream and pale green for the frontal cortex, blue, purple and green for the visual cortex and baby pink for the hippocampus, Britain's The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

    "For me, there were two humorous aspects," Norberg said of her yarn brain, which is one and a half times the size of an average human one. "One was simply to undertake such a ridiculously complex, time consuming project for no practical reason.

    "The second was the idea of making a somewhat mysterious and difficult object -- a brain -- out of a 'cuddly', cheerfully colored, familiar material like cotton yarn," she said.
  2. Very interesting... but why did they not have any pics?
  3. ^^ Yeah, no pics stinks!
  4. I know right?! I kind of wanted to see it too.
  5. I wanted to see it too!

    I read it to my fiance and he said "what else would she knit it out of? Brains?" which made me giggle.
  6. Maybe there are no pics because she lost her mind. :graucho:
  7. Behold the yarn brain!!! I finally found some pictures. Don't worry, you guys can thank me later. :roflmfao: It is kind of cool looking but also somewhat gross.

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  8. It is good to know her mind has NOT been lost.

    It reminds me of a bath puff....
  9. I love it! That is so awesome :biggrin:
  10. Holy camoly that looks so complicated!
  11. lol i was thinking the same thing.
  12. La Miss Thank you for the pics ~worth a thousand thoughts, HA!:P