Psyched Out By TPF..Damier Phobia

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  1. Soooo, I took my Groom ZC, which I thought had some color transfer from the Damier lining, to LV today & compared it to a brand spanking new one.I was so certain that the white stripe had turned a redish color after using it in my Illovo that I was going to cry, but nope, it was still exactly the same color. :lol: I probably should have been embarrased, but I was to relieved to care.
    I met up with a fellow PFer & had an interestingly FUBARed lunch:upsidedown: :lol: but it was a good time anyway. We saw one of the mink bags & a SO hardsided case with stripes painted on it[very cute] & the place was packed with people.....on a the morning..go figure.
  2. That is funny, glad it was just your imagination. :yes:
  3. lol :roflmfao:
  4. i feel relieved for u~
  5. It was pretty dead at SCP when I went this evening!!! I'm sad cause my favorite SA left for Chanel...oh well, I'll have to visit her haha. We need a TPF meeting!
  6. I miss South Coast Plaza-:sad:
  7. SCP was packed this past Sat. when I went. But then again they always are on the wkends.:yes:

    Wow, packed on a Mon.:confused1: When I've gone during the wk., like on a Wed. I've been there alone w/ like 1 or 2 other people.

    Maybe there were still some people that wanted to get their "Groomies" from the wkend. (??):s