1. Anyone watching? I find the show quite amusing! And it's nicely paired with monk. A good weekly double! :P
  2. Yes! I've watched 'Psych' because it is on after Monk (which I love... but still like the episodes with Sharona in them better!). It's a cute show (the two leads are perfect in their roles.. very quick & witty show) and I agree a good pairing with Monk!
  3. OMG I LOVE Psych.. it's hilarious!! :love: Monk on the other hand drives me absolutely crazy with his OCD-ness.. it hurts just to watch him clean things repeatedly LOL!
  4. I watched it too! I enjoyed it, but I still like "Monk" more~
  5. I haven't seen it, but was accosted by either the people on it or their advertising team at Wal-Mart! LOL!
    I pulled up next to a van and the guy was kind of hanging out of the door and I couldn't open my door to get out.
    When I finally noticed me he jumped out and starting chatting me up . . . I was getting 2 of my kids out of the car and he grabbed some green nerf footballs w/ the word "Psych" on them and gave them to my kids for "getting in my way" then took photos of my kiddos holding the footballs!
    VERY strange incident. . . I've seen it on my TV Guide but haven't tuned in.
  6. Yes, I prefer Sharona as well, I wonder why she left the show... Loved her name of Bitty Schram!
  7. I really miss having Sharona in "Monk"! She adds a kick to the show and it's so funny to see how she interacts with Monk and Randy. Natalie just seems to mild in comparison ...
  8. Psych is really funny but Monk is still my favorite show on tv. Well... it's between Monk and Project Runway.:heart:
  9. I miss Sharona. I thought Psych felt low-budget. I'll stick to Monk.
  10. Does anyone watch this amazingly funny detective/mystery show? It's on USA Network at 10 on Fridays (and yes, it has a summer season so there are NEW episodes during the summer! Amazing, huh?). It's so funny! Last night's episode especially. Anyone else watch it? Comment here? :yahoo:
  11. My husband and I love this show!! I agree, I think last night's episode was my favorite ever. Gus is so funny.
  12. I do! Love that show. I mean who doesn't like a fake psychic detective?
  13. I have seen a couple of episodes and it is surprisingly funny!
  14. Love it!!!
  15. Also if anyone's interested, there's 3 minutes worth of Psych-outs for last night's episode on! I love watching them mess up :P