Psulions' bags ... and some shoes mixed in ;)

  1. Chanel Medallion Tote- Saks Fifth Avenue, Chevy Chase

  2. LV Vernis Bedford Pink- Fashionphile

  3. Chanel Small Flap Bag in Lambskin- Anns Fabulous Finds

  4. Coach crossbody- Coach online

  5. LV Delightful PM- LV KOP

  6. Chanel Caviar wallet- Saks Fifth Avenue, Chevy Chase


    And that's it! Thanks for looking! :smile:
  7. What a collection!!! Amazing. I'm in love with your shoes! :love:
  8. Your Chanel from Annes fabulous finds is a beaut! Congratulations on a wonderful collection and the best shoe storage ever!
  9. Hah, nice collection and enjoyed reading about your 'discoveries'!

    I noticed your closet in the first posts and I wondered if you have thought about getting more room out of it. By installing a rack system you can save a lot of space and get more shelving. Attached are photos of a system I installed in a house that we renovated. It's pretty easy to install and pretty inexpensive.

    Unfortunately I didn't show the shoe storage at the bottom.
    closets-1.jpg closets-2.jpg
  10. Thanks for the suggestion! However, I moved out of that apartment a long time ago and have a much bigger closet! (Thank God!)
  11. I love your collection & I want the exact same shoe display. Where did you buy it?

    My Addiction: Monogram Canvas Speedy 35, Trouville, Deauville, Delightful, Cabas Mezzo & Alto, Sac Tote GM, Mini Looping, Croissant MM, Mini Noe, Compiegne GM 28, Vintage Cosmetic Pouch, Agenda MM, Vintage Saks Checkbook Cover, Etui Cles Peasge, French Purse, Flat Coin Purse, Vintage Checkbook Wallet, Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Khaki Pochette Porte Monnaie Wallet, Vintage Saks Pouch Wallet, Keepall 60, French Co Garment Bag Luggage, Sac Souple 45, Centenaire Damier Soho Backpack, and EPI Dauphine Brown Cosmetic Bag….

    My Wish List: Monogram Canvas Alma MM, Alma Voyager, Limited Edition Vachetta Leather Mini Noe, Monogram Canvas Vintage Chantilly PM, Centenaire Damier Cruiser 45 Bag, Damier Azur Siracusa, Damier Azur & Ebene Matching Accessories...
  12. Thank you! Actually my dad made them.
  13. Nice bags! Loved that pink Mini Lin,SOOO CUTE!

    Good bargains too:smile:
  14. Holy!!! you've got a huge collection!!! I love how you store your shoes!! It's so neat & tidy!!!
  15. Your MC speedy is so beautiful! Great collection!