Psulions' bags ... and some shoes mixed in ;)

  1. Love your Chanel too !
  2. Love your collection! Your LV EPI Alma is a fav of mine.
  3. wowww.. great collection!!! I like how you scored those beautiful bags! :tup::tup::tup:
  4. Loving the shoes of course.
  5. Great pictures! I really like the blue BCBG satchel and love the red speedy!
  6. Very nice collection! I like your little pink Chanel bag & those Gucci's you got at a consignment store are WOW. Couldn't pass that up! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Nice collection! Love your Chanel and your shoes!
  8. what an amazing collection of purses and shoes!! you are super organized, if only i could be like you ; )
  9. Amazing collection! I love how organized your shoes are!
  10. Love the shoe shelves!
  11. I was in heaven reading that entire post :blush:
  12. Update! So I've sold a few of those bags...and gained some new ones!! Here are the new ones:

    Louis Vuitton Keepall 55-LV (KOP)
  13. LV Toiletries Pouch 26- LV online

  14. LV Multicolor Speedy 30- Fashionphile

  15. Chanel Vinyl Tote- Yoogi's Closet