1. Im Sorry If This Has Been Asked Before But I Could Not Find It. I Wanted To Know If The Pst Comes With Silver Hardware Also, Or Only In Gold? Thank You.
  2. :yes:silver too
  3. thank you so much! do u know if they are easy to find?
  4. I have dark brown and white both with silver, I was just in the Hawaii boutique and saw a few colors with silver, one of them was a new dark beige. I don't think it's THAT hard to find them you just have to call and look around different stores. I know when I was originally looking for a PST Neiman Marcus seemed to only carry gold hardware.....
  5. There's a dark brown w/silver hardware at Saks/Troy Michigan ask for Mary
  6. Thanks so much ladies but im looking for a black with silver hardware. Hopefully i find one!