PST with silver hardware?

  1. Has anybody seen these? Do they even make them?
  2. i think they do, i want one
  3. Yes, they do! In white, for sure. I'm not sure about pink or black..
  4. I'm looking for black if anyone sees one.
  5. My SA told me that the PST does not come in the black w/silver hardware only gold. I think the white with silver is from last year.
  6. just called and confirm pst black only come w/ gold :crybaby:
  7. What's up with Chanel, why don't they make it in silver too! Everyone is always looking for silver hardware. They should know better and make both for the classics.
  8. I saw a white PST with silver HW at Saks BH last weekend...
  9. yea they do!! I heard my sales say that Chanel will make more S/H for this Fall!! I'm waiting for my PST & GST
  10. Just saw PST black with gold hardware and beige with gold hardware at Neiman Marcus at San Diego. Ask for Mariesla.