PST with gold hardware

  1. I just wanted to have everyone's opinion on what you think of this as a everyday bag. I am planning on getting it this weekend. Pics would be great!
  2. I have the PST in beige w/ gold hardware...Love it!!
    CHANEL 001.jpg CHANEL 002.jpg
  3. I love the PST for an everyday bag, I have a white with silver and dark brown. They are the perfect size IMO and very functional. GST's are very nice but just too big for me, good for a "work" bag but not a purse for me. Good luck, I think it's a great choice.
  4. I love the PST/GST. I think the PST would be a great every day bag, but I need something that can hold all my essentials plus my winter accessories so I decided to go with the GST instead.
  5. I think the PST is a great everyday bag, and gold hardware is so pretty
  6. Can anyone tell me the approx cost of the PST in the US?
  7. I have the beige with gold too and think it is a great and durable bag for everyday.
  8. i've a beige pst and black pst. both with gold hardware and i love them. for me the pst size makes a great everyday bag, and i love the gold hardware on classic pieces.

    happy shopping!
  9. I jus like the tote which is so versatile~
  10. I have the black PST - except with silver hardware. I've used it just about every day since I got it! I like it because it fits all of the essentials...without being big enough for me to cart around everything including the kitchen sink! For example - I've got a large Prada wallet, a few small LV accessories, my PDA, phone, and a pretty well stuffed nylon Prada cosmetic bag - plus keys, comb, a few more incidentals...

    When I got mine, it was $1250 - I believe it's gone up since then...
  11. I like both the PST and the GST, I have both! I think it depends on how much you like to carry everyday. The PST holds just the essentials easily like wallet, keys, mobile small makeup bag and some sunnies. Here is a pic of my bordeaux PST with S/H, I paid £605 for mine. I've also added my black GST with Gold hardware for size ref.
    chanel 001.jpg gst2.JPG
  12. OMG when I got mine it was $1095.00.....and that was Feb this year!!
  13. I think the PST works as a great everyday bag! Some members have mentioned that they dont think the PST holds enough and opted for the GST so I guess it depends on how much you carry. In my case, the PST works as a perfect everyday bag.
  14. How does the PST fit on the shoulder? I mean, I hate it when a strap slides off. Is this ever a problem?
  15. The PST is currently $1250, but its definitely going up Nov. 1st, so decide fast!!! i love the PST/GST! so cute and classic!