PST vs Prada Saffiano?

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  1. I am picking up a mid size bag, not too heavy for meetings...looking at PST and Prada Saffiano, as I like colorful appearence (both bags are red). The price is very similar, $2200 vs $2300 (2100 for smaller ones)...can not make my mind. Any comments and suggestions are extremely appreciated! :smile:
  2. I think prada saffiano will work better for you. It will fit A4 paper and binders if you choose the medium or large size, I don't think psych is big enough for thaf
  3. Pst
  4. It's tough!!! If you have to put your folder and file into the bag, then you need Prada saffiano. Otherwise, I think PST is a good size for work. I wear my PST to work and it fits my ipad mini, wallet, keys, makeup pouch and phone. Good luck!!!