PST size and capacity

  1. Unfortunately, yesterday, when I was looking at the PST, I didn't bother to see how much it can hold. (Like putting my wallet and etc. in it to see what fits) Do you guys find that it is small yet roomy? I carry a checkbook (that's fairly thick), Coach medium wristlet, and a LV medium agenda. Would this all fit comfortably inside without making it seem tooo stuffed/bulky? TIA. :confused1:
  2. I think so:yes:
    It's about the same as the inside of a Medallion IMO.
  3. I had a PST and I think that stuff would fit into it just fine! It's quite a roomy tote, in my opinion. There's just not a lot of empty room (like with my GST)... but you can definitely fit everything you need. I used to carry around a notebook and a novel for school in mine.
  4. I saw the GST too...its more the size of most of my bags I carry (I usually carry a LV Palermo PM or Gustto small Baca), but not sure if I could swing the higher price. What size is more practical?
  5. I have two PST's and they are actually a good size medium/larger bag for me as I usually use smaller purses..... I can fit a large LV pochette wallet, LV cosmetic case, and bulky sunglass case among other things. It's pretty roomy. It can def fit more than my Medium Looping LV and about the same as my Josephine PM and epi speedy 25 give or take... to compare to some LV...... Now if your LV medium agenda is as stuffed as mine is I would say you could fit that with the wristlet and maybe the checkbook, but if you're not carrying your entire life in the agenda it should all fit. Go to the store with your stuff and try it out when you can.
  6. PST is too small for me, GST is the one I want. :dothewave: