PST owners -- need your opinions.

  1. correct me if i'm wrong but if the PST is still at $1350, i think it is a very good deal and it just might be on my next bag list. I need to know how it stands up as a practical everyday bag.. And, if i'm used to carrying a jumbo flap/GST around, will there be enough room in the PST for me? does it hold closer to the Junbo or GST? Thanks so much for your input :heart:
  2. the PST is 1350 - i used my black with goldhardware basically for two years straight & it was able to fit all my things - when i use my gst and my jumbo i just find more junk to fit in the bag that i think i need - lol... try it on at a store & see if it can fit what you usually carry.
  3. I just got a PST at the end of December. It was $1350 before tax. Size wise I fit my large LV wallet, LV cosmetic bag, hairbrush and tissues in there w/ no problem. There are two side pockets w/ enough room for a phone, pens, pad, small items. Not a huge bag but you definitely have room for the essentials.
  4. I think the price still $1350. It can fit my large wallet, 2 handphones, coin & camera purse, and tissues. Yeah, it was able to fit all my things.
  5. I don't like my stuff sitting on top of each other in my bag so that I have to remove several items to get to what I want. It's the reason I prefer larger totes, to have that spare room around my items. My Medallion can fit a long wallet, small paddle brush, cell phone and sunglasses hard case but some of those items have to sit on top of one another versus have their own space inside the bag. It bugs me so much that I'm buying a smaller wallet for this tote.

    That's the only thing that made me opt for the GST versus the PST. The PST would have held everything I carry but with a tighter fit. If you don't mind that then it's a great price for such a nice bag!
  6. hmm, i think you persuaded me not to get the PST, hehe. i have no idea why, but i think i would be one of those who'd be bugged by my things sitting on top of one another as well.. i guess it isn't really a popular bag around TPF.. seems like most prefer the GST.
  7. ^ I have the same problem. I want a PST as it is a great bag and price and WILL fit what I need, but it really is not that popular here on tpf- more people seem to go for the GST. I am now considering getting the GST even though I think it looks to big on me and I dont ever carry alot of things during the day
  8. ^ I never have that problem, I pack everything in a vertical position rather than horizontally..... I love that it fits everything I need and I don't have to fish around a big bag, it's sweet and concise yet room for more than my average needs.......
  9. ITA w/ lola...I think most members here prefer the option for more room w/ the GST, that's why it's more popular.

    I still believe the pst is a classic and it's stil a very popular bag. It's just personal preference whether or not one decides to carry a lot of just the basics.
  10. I had a gorgeous pink pst., but did not use it as an everyday bag. I think I would get this size bag in a great color, not as an everyday bag but as an ocassional bag because of it's size. The GST or Jumbo are definitely more useful as an everyday.:heart:H
  11. ITA! The more room i have, the more junk i throw in it :p
  12. I have a gold PST and it holds quite a bit. What I like about this size is that it goes from day to night. The GST IMO is more of a daytime bag .
  13. I just got my PST - it holds my wallet, my Chanel sunglasses hard case, my cc wallet, my 'pill holder', my cell phone & a small cosmetic bag - - it's a perfect size for me & not too heavy! I love this bag!!!! I'm not ruling out adopting another Chanel bag - - but this size has been perfect for me!
  14. I love my PST. It holds an LV agenda, my Chanel sunglasses and case, make-up bag, cell phone, and misc. little things (i.e. gum, mints, tissues, etc.) However, I don't use it as an everyday work bag. I use it on the weekends when I don't need to carry much, or when I'm going out for dinner, the movies, or shopping.
  15. I carry a separate work bag/brief case so I like my purse to just be a purse...... plus it's REALLY bad for us to carry large heavy bags all the time, I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder and sometimes even my PST seems heavy. Usually on weekend I'll use a clutch, pochette, or e/w flap.......PST is totally an everyday purse for me.