PST or East/West??

  1. I'm thinking about making my first Chanel purchase in the near future and have been doing a lot of research. I wanted to ask all you Chanel experts which one is more "durable" and how much are they with the recent price increases?

    I'm looking for either in black with silver h/w in cavier. Is either one more prone to stiching problems or hardware rubbing on the bag, etc??? A big TIA!!!!
  2. anyone?:shrugs:
  3. Being they are both made of caviar, they would both be "durable". The PST is bigger so more appropriate for every day. I like the look of the E/W more though. It depends on what look you want. (EW! EW!)

    PS The EW is $1395 with the increase. Not sure about the PST
  4. between the two i prefer the e/w
  5. I prefer the e/w, but the pst was a close second for me this purchase..... I just got a black caviar with silver h/w e/w and have been using it everyday since I got in on the 11th of March, so far so good, still looks perfectly new. I know the pst's tend to get that squished look at the bottom corners from use, but still think that's a nice option for the price. Personally I don't care for the gold hardware at all on the pst, there are two chain straps that are chunky so you see A LOT of gold, and I've had a hard time finding a pst with silver.......
  6. I like the E/W a little more too :smile:
  7. i am a huge pst fan but i feel like you get more for you $ with that. plus, i feel like i personally would use it more, the e/w wouldn't hold enough for me for daytime!
  8. I like both bags!! Get both!!
  9. they are both equally durable and neither is prone to stitching problem or hardware problem. unless you beat up your bag, there should be no problem with loose stitching.

    i have both the PST and the e/w and I prefer the PST for everyday because it can hold twice, if not three times, the amount of stuff the e/w can hold. plus with the PST, you get more "bang for you buck"
  10. If you're going for cute, choose the E/W.
    It's very lightweight and easy to carry around.

    If you're going for cute and practical, choose the PST.

    They both are beautiful classic bags, you can't go wrong with either of them. Good luck with your decision!
  11. You guys are great!! Thanks so much for giving our opinions. I truly value them!!! Considering I'm expecting soon, I'll probably need more room than not. I just thought about that. I guess there are times when function has to play an important role over the overall "look.":shrugs: ;)

    I love them both too but unfortunately can only get one.

    Is it that hard to find a black PST with silver h/w???:push:
  12. I just read that you're expecting (congrats!) I recently had a baby and have found that I need either HUGE bags (that can double up as diaper bag) OR a tiny bag that is easy to manage since Im carrying a big diaper bag (as well as baby). Let us know what you get.

  13. Thanks!!! Your lil' one is just adorable!!!! *pinches cheeks*

    Hmmm..maybe you have a point there. I am usually over on the Gucci forum and I have a rather big Gucci that I bought for this reason. Maybe I should diversify and get an e/w so I have a small one that's easy to manage. That way I can have different styles of bags??:idea:
  14. I was going to say the same thing! No baby yet for me but what I see with my girlfriends and to compare to me with using large bags for work bags. I find that when you have to carry a large bag around like a diaper bag (or a work bag in my case), I know I still like to have a sep. purse so having a small purse in addition works perfect for me.
  15. i dont know why but i keep thinking the pst looks like a toy bag on me. and i'm only 5'2.. so if you ask me, i'd rather have an e/w. good luck on your decision!