PST look alike .. what is it? help plz..

  1. Hello ladies ... :shame:

    what is this purse ... it looks like the PST ... but with lil' differences ... is it an pst old version OR new one?? i love it so much :heart:

    pic is from ...
  2. nope....not a PST......That one is a small caviar tote....also timeless classic....but it is wider than the PST and has a zipper top. I think this is about 5 to 6 inches wide.
  3. That is gorgeous! Is it still in stores? How much is it? What color is that?
  4. ^ thanks alot for you feedback :heart:

    that what i love about it vs. PST ... :smile:


  5. me too want to know ... ??

  6. I am not exactly sure of the price right now....but BEFORE the price increase, it was $1550.00. So it is likely more than that now.
  7. oh. my. god. that bag is sooo cute.
  8. is it easy to locate??
  9. its 1750 now. i think its pretty easy to locate. specially in black with gold hardware. its one of their timeless classic style. i think its called classic petit shopper tote ( caviar) with zipper top. so its basically pst with zipper. and this is wider, but not taller than the original pst.
  10. it's a permanent piece so it shouldn't be too hard to find.
  11. thaanx gaals :love:
  12. Does she have a big sister?? I love the GST, but I would like it more if it had a zipper top.
  13. yup this is the timeless classic tote