PST is back as a seasonal item

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  1. I saw PST in Hong Kong Chanel shop today. It's red in color. In central, they only have red. But in Pacific Place, they also have burgundy, grey and black. It's HK$16,500.
  2. No one seems to care about PST :sad:
  3. JasmineLai

    I have a grey PST with silver h/w & it's my most used Chanel.
    I am petite & she may look small but carries all my essentials with room to spare.
    She sits just as comfortably on my shoulder as in the crook of my arm.
    Moreover, I do not have to baby her at all.
    Unscented baby wipes do the trick whenever she gets a little dirty.;)

    I am looking for another one, this time in beige with gold h/w.

    I am sure there are many others who love their PST as much as I do. :love:
  4. yeah.. its in my wishlist also for this year purchase
  5. I missed your post yesterday. Thanks for the info. I love the PST. So is it spring/ summer or in pre fall?
    I wonder if we will be getting here in the states. I would love a grey with shw:smile:)
  6. Yes, Thanks. I think PST is a good bag for people like me (only 5 ft tall). GST is a good functional bag if I were taller.
  7. I don't know which season is the PST for this time. But I also called Vancouver & confirmed that they don't carry it in the shop yet
  8. That's good news! My mum has been wanting a blk pst with ghw .... Hopefully it will be in australia soon!
  9. i have a black with GHW and i use it as my daily wear bag. love it!!
  10. PST is very cute and i will be happy to see it in colors other than black :smile:
  11. I'm excited to see them back!
  12. My SA acutally contacted me to see if I wanted to be on the list for PST!!! hehe
  13. Ended up buying a PST in beige claire GHW off yoogis, but looking forward to a black with silver!
  14. Where do u get ur PST dear?heard all paris non in stock?do the price increase also?
  15. Did ur SA mention when the pst be back?