PST in Black Caviar with Silver Hardware

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  1. So I've decided to get the PST whooo hooo!!!

    The only problem is, every store I've called is sold out!!! How can this be? Does anyone know where I can go to get my hands on this delicious baby?
  2. I was told the PST does not come with the black/silver hardware combo, only black with gold.
  3. yup, that's what my SA said when i phoned her :'(
  4. I saw a girl with it today, but in black with gold hardware, I LOVED it and it will be my next bag....even though I have the GST in both color hardware I loved the PST when I saw it!
  5. i just bought the pst with gold hardware from alamoana store hawaii, they should have more than one, try call them at 808-942-5555
    as far i know the pst only comes in gold hardware...

  6. :yes: ...exactly