pst in beige or black?

  1. i changed my mind again cux i went to chanel and i saw both and just can't decide anymore. pst in beige or black? what do you guys think? really need help!
  2. that's hard..both but I know that doesn't help.

    What do you wear more of? Do you have any other Chanels? If this will be your only one for awhile, then black.

    If not, then beige. It's so classy looking w/ the gold h/w.
  3. well i vary alot. and this will be my first chanel bag but i have tons of bags. so i don't wear it often. I wear alot of black and white and jeans and gray/cargo colors...
  4. black
  5. im going to be a dissenter and say... BROWN!
  6. well which one is more rare? beige pst or black with gold hardware becaue i read somewhere in teh forum that black with gold chain is not going to be produced anymore cux silver hard ware is going to take over. is that true?
  7. Black
  8. i saw brown! but i hhave a mono lv so i want to get some other colors
  9. can someone tell me if it's true that they will not make the black wiht gold hardware anymore?
  10. I never heard of that, so I can't confirm. But I've never been a fan of g/h but I have to say that beige color with g/h is really calling to me.
  11. i guess waht i'm really wondering is which pst says timeless more? like can i go out and find another bag tat is black or beige that will look as nice as chanel? cux lately i've seen alot of ppl holding black bags taht look almost like chanel, and i don't want my first chanel to be just another black bag, you guys know wat im saying?
  12. I was in the Soho Chanel a week ago and asked the same question and I was told by and SA that they are actually moving towards more gold hardware.

    To answer your original question I adore the beige but I would not wear it in the fall, black is classic Chanel elegance and is easily worn year round, just IMO.
  13. Black!
  14. Black!
  15. I say goes so well with jeans, pops on black clothes, and looks great with autumn browns, golds, greens, purples etc. I just bought the beige GST and I do see myself wearing it in the fall as well as winter, and I'm not in the south!