1. I've been perusing some wonderful pics of these bags in the ref library. However, can anyone who possess these bags tell me if the leather shoulder straps "wrinkle" with use? Does the caviar leather have sagging folds over time as well? Are the shoulder straps durable?

  2. Hi there! I have the straps haven't wrinkled .... and the leather hasn't sagged....But I must say I DON'T overload it...I'm sue more ladies will be along to put in their 2 cents!:p
  3. There are no wrinkles on the leather on my PST strap BUT I do have wrinkles on the side of the bag :sad:

    However there is no sagging :smile:
  4. Yes, I agree with these statements above!
  5. Thanks guys...mello yello: How do you think the wrinkles got there? Poss overloading or..??
  6. my PST is still perfect like wrinkles. no sagging.hehe.. :p
  7. ^^great!! If you don't mind me asking, how long have you had your PST??
  8. Everything sags with age:crybaby: I dont think the pst or gst will lose its shape that much, it looks very sturdy .
  9. I will be getting my this week!! I will let u know how is it!! I'm so excitied to get my new PST!!
  10. I think it's from me smooshing it when it's worn (like clamping it between my arms and body) :push: . I also discovered new wrinkles when I used it last week that might've been from bad storing.

    I swear, this is the only purse I "abuse" because it can take it, the PST is a trooper :wlae:
  11. miraco11 - thanks, I'll be waiting to hear your experiences!

    thanks mello yello for your info too!!!! Sounds like a bag that takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.

    It was a toss up betw the pst and Medallion but honestly, I'm thinking of getting the pst now since it can hold up to so much. Plus, it's cheaper than the medallion, lol!!!
  12. i got a pst recently and it's held up well so far- doesnt wrinkle, sag. it is a little bit small for me though... the only things I put in there are my chanel sunnies w/ case, LV pti wallet, keys, cell, & lipgloss. I've filled it pretty much to the brim!!
  13. ^^^It's the perfect size for me I think since I don't carry that much, just an LV wapity, l/g, l/s, compact, and cell.