PST/GST or Tote owner...

  1. Do you find your bag too bulky & awkward when you wear it on the shoulder? I have seen some pictures & the bag looks uncomfortable as it looks bulky (the thickness of the bag is like 5 inch?). Do you have to push your bag back with your arm so it won't be in the way?
  2. Yes - But I love it, once it's pushed back its super comfy. The GST anyway, my PST you don't have to push back, but since I started it with my GST I have found it very comfy and do it with most of my bags now!
  3. Its not as bulky as I thought it would be. The caviar is not as stiff but I will say that one strap does seem to always fall off the shoulder unless you put it under the other. I heard once it softens up a bit its better though.
  4. I love GSTs...they are angels and can do no wrong in my eyes.....:angel:
  5. I LOVE my GST! not too bulky...its so cute that i wouldnt care about the bulkiness
  6. That was my initial concern about the GST, especially since I have fat arms unlike so many other tPF'ers! But my SA said the leather would soften and mold to my 'armpit' (my word, not his).
  7. I agree with Luccibag - one strap does fall off my shoulder often, but tucking it under the other one does help. I still love my GST though! :love:
  8. I think with time, it does seem to "mold" to you. The one strap does tend to fall unless I criss cross them.
  9. ^is the GST real heavy???
  10. ^NOPE.its not heavy at all
  11. ^really?? YIPE! LOL!! That's good news....Or is it?? :sweatdrop:Heehee...:p
  12. I LOVE my GST-its not heavy at all or bulky-which is amazing considering the amount of STUFF I carry!
  13. I love my GST as well and it's not bulky at all although like the others have said, one strap does tend to fall down.

    I do have a question though, does anyone else have the issue of where the bottom edges pucker a little from resting on my desk/chair all day?
  14. Yes, that happens with use. I tried to avoid that by hanging it up ALL the time. But it happened anyways. I still love it though. :heart:
  15. Thanks omgsweet! At least now I know it's not just me :smile: