PST (caviar)and cambon tote

  1. Are these bags a permanent collection of Chanel? I might not be able to afford 2 bags for now but thinking of buying them in the next few months.
    I am a newbie!

    Please help!

  2. Yes for the PST and the Cambon in Black on Black and maybe the beige? Other colors have been disc.
  3. According to my Nordstrom s/a, Chanel is moving forward with the black with black patent CC and beige with beige patent CC Cambon line. I recently purchased the large beige w/beige patent tote and it is such a beautiful neutral color. I had a very difficult time tracking it down though and finally found it at a boutique in New York (Hirshleifers).
  4. I'm pretty sure they will be around for a while. So don't rush!
  5. Thank you ladies for taking the time to answer my question, I just hope that prices wont go up that much. Does anybody have any clue just how much it could be for both bags?

  6. Just bought the Cambon tote today for $1695, I bet it's due to go up soon, it's a LOT of Chanel for the price comparably.
    PST is close to that price.
  7. how much is the pst?
  8. $1295 right now up from $1095. i hear other PFers saying it's going up to $1495? eeks!
  9. Swanky - that's a great price for a chanel, especially its big size. I had no idea that the cambon is nicely priced (well what I mean is that it's not over $2K).

    I have to decide soon on the PST.
  10. I think the PST is $1250...I thought it was $1295 but mine that I just got was $1250.
  11. Hi, I'm Jules, this is my first post. I am obsessed with designers handbags and I can never make up my mind so I joined for advise from you beautiful people who love this stuff as much as me!

    My first desperate! question: I just bought the Caviar Large Shopping tote, the one WITHOUT the chain, with the Medallion zipper in silver and just the double foam filled shoulder handles sewn in on the top. I like it because I'm very petite and I feel the Grand Shopping Tote is too large. Does anyone else have/love the tote I have? Or did I make a bad choice and no one likes this tote? Please help! I need to know if I should exchange. THANKS MUCH!!:nogood:
  12. Welcome to The Purse Forum !!
    Thats the Chanel Medallion Tote, its very popular style and will last forever.
    I have one also and love it very much !!
    So, just enjoy your chanel !!
  13. Hi Deziner,

    Thank you very much, I didn't know that this was called the Medallion bag. Ironically it is the same one Lauren wears on The Hills, and when I saw it I thought that was the same one and wasn't sure. I googled Chanel Medallion Tote and sure enough, the hits led me to pix with Lauren carrying this bag! it is the exact same one I wanted! You're the best!:yahoo:
  14. Anna! Prices are going up now! You should get your bags ASAP!
  15. Thanks everybody!!

    Yippeee.. I still have time until November to buy my dream bags (for now! ) plus a single strand pearl necklace.