PST and Medillion Tote which on to keep?


keep Medillion or return

  1. keep

  2. return and keep pst

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  1. Cannot decide between the two. Ladies please help.
    Medillion is hard to put on the shoulder. both are very
    classic style. Please help out here.
  2. What colors? I personally like the PST better...I like chain look on the straps.
  3. PST gets my vote. I have one in gold and I love it.
  4. Is this the PST with the zippered top?

    I prefer the Medallion.
  5. I have a medallion that I really love. Hard choice, they are both classic bags.
  6. i am really loving the medallion right now.
  7. Both, in my opinion! Both are classy and cute.
  8. I have the medallion and the GST - love them both, so I really can't help in this decision. You can't go wrong with either one. If you can't get the medallion on your shoulder, maybe the PST would work better for you.
  9. I have the white PST but I also like the white medallion.
  10. Such a tough decision!!!!!!! I've been eyeing both bags pretty hard lately and I just:heart: :heart: both. But from what you're saying, it seems to me that you would prefer a bag that is easier to carry over your shoulder. I've heard some people say the medallion is hard to carry over shoulder and some say it's easy. However, I haven't heard anyone say the PST is hard to carry over one's shoulder. If you're looking for something like that, then the PST would be your choice.

    I would personally keep both:graucho: I've been people carrying the medallion over their shoulder but the top of the bag looks like it's right up under the armpit.
  11. PST if you need a shoulder bag.
  12. I like the PST better.
  13. i love my PST..hehe:p
  14. I vote PST or if you can afford it the GST is the best
  15. b/c you said the medallion is hard to put on, maybe the pst is better for you then.