PST and GST size and price

  1. searched everywhere in the forum but unable to find comparison of the dimensions, between gst and pst. HELP (owners of both gst and pst)!
  2. PST measures 9.75in W x 9.5in H x 3.5in D, hopefully someone will give you the measurements of the GST.

    here's a pic of VIPStyle's PST and GST.
    her pic can be found in this thread of the reference library.
  3. Super. Thanks jen!
  4. ^ no problem! you'll get the GST dimensions soon and then you can compare
  5. can someone please post pictures of both the gst and the pst and tell me what the differences are and how much one retails for, it would be really helpful
  6. DH purchased a GST for me a few days ago and the retail was $1750. It is the perfect size to fit checkbook size wallet, makeup bag and a few other essentials. The PST is probably better for a night out and quick shopping trips. :smile:
  7. i love the GST better! Unfortunately, mine was a PST.. :sad:
  8. Jenn you are awesome.
  9. thanks so much, do you think the pst would be too small to for me who is about 5 ft., 2 inch/3 inch. and could it fit a checkbook sized wallet, cell phone, chanel sunnies, an ipod, and another little accesorie pouch, plus makeup and maybe a small book?
  10. also, could someone who is about my height who owns a pst post a picture of them w/ the bag to show the proportions please, that would help soooooooo much!
  11. Not as awesome as you Jody :yes: :graucho: ;)
  12. I think you can definitely fit all that in the PST but they'll have to be strategically placed (ie book and accessory pouch on very bottom, everything else layered on top of that)

    i'll get pics of me with the PST in a few, I'm around the same height as you give or take an inch or two
  13. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    original posts (and more pics) can be found here and here