"PST" and Chanel Tyson's Corner

  1. Hi everyone! I have this funny story about the Chanel Boutique at the Tyson's Galleria. While I was lurking around in this forum, I actually collected enough information before buying what I wanted at Neiman Marcus. I became familiar with all the PSTs and the GSTs and what not (including DH, DS and everything else). So, armed with all my Chanel knowledge, I marched into the Chanel boutique (Neimans was supposedly "out" of stock at the time) and requested to see their stock of the "PST". The SA I was talking to had this confused look on his face and he's like "A what? What's that?"...I laughed afterwards realizing that maybe I had spent too much time on tPF and assumed that the bags were called what they were called in the forums...I apologized and I explained what I wanted, and all of the SAs laughed with me :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

  2. :lol: I tend to forget too that we probably call bags by different names than the SAs might know them as. Plus, all the information we find out on the forum that sometimes the SAs aren't even aware of yet!
  3. LOL! We just shorten it to PST bacuase we're lazy ;), it's really a Petit Shopping Tote! Did they know it by the correct term?

  4. Hi Swanky! After seeing the confused look on that SA's face, I wasn't sure then that I knew what I was talking about...So I said "Uhm, it's the Petit Something Tote (PST)." That's when they starting laughing...:roflmfao: