Pssttt, Look what I just got...

  1. Can you guess?
    pst1.jpg pst2.jpg
  2. I will post modeling pics tomorrow, I just got back from the Long Beach Grand Prix and I am dirty and yucky.It is the pink PST.
    pst3.jpg pst4.jpg
  3. Beautiful! Congrats!
  4. What a pretty bag, congrats. Yes we want modeling pics
  5. I was going to guess a petite shopper and then I saw it, but it is TDF in pink!!!
  6. Congrats irishgal- it is beautiful
  7. Beautiful!
  8. gorgeous color gorgeous bag !
  9. I love the pink PST, how pretty for spring/summer!! I have a pink bowler that you've inspired me to break out soon! :smile: Can't wait to see modeling pics!

  10. YAY YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Hope you had fun at Grand Prix! Cant wait to see modeling pics Jody!!
  11. ^YAY! you got it!! Do you like it? I hope you do:smile:
  12. ^^I love! It was packed so well too!;)
  13. Can I ask the retail on this. It is stunning. What other colors do they make it in? I have the pink cambon med tote and the pink is my favorite color so I love your new bag.
  14. I love it in the pink soooo pretty! Have fun with it!

  15. When this bag was purchased retail was $1150, but I think the price may have gone up. It comes in black, white and beige as well.