Psst... I am pregnant. Excited & Nervous. Help!

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  1. So it happens to us. I found out last Tues and took blood test on Wed. My nurse confirmed it on the phone yesterday morning.
    We've been trying for a while. After months of BFN and a recent purchase of CB Fertility Monitor, finally there's small bun in the oven :biggrin:

    I am only on week 5 and I want to be as healthy as possible for the baby to carry him/her full term. My nurse prescribed me Prometrium due to my low Progesterone level. This morning I went to my local library to borrow as many books as I could on pregnancy :biggrin:

    I know I am happy and excited. However I am extremely nervous. There are just too many questions that I have. Moreover, I am worried if I will be a good mom. *I know this is probably normal worries*
    We are not from around here. Our families are overseas - 15+hours plane ride away. None of our friends have babies. So I think I am more concerned about support during pregnancy. I know DH will be wonderful but sometimes there are moments when I wish I know someone locally who's experienced with childbirth.
    -> anyone in this forum live in East Bay, CA? :nuts:

    So here's my introduction at the Pregnancy forum. I was on TTC for a while and I am so happy to find this forum for questions and so on.

    I know it's too early but we want to have a birth plan. We sign up to tour "birth center" that's connected to our local hospital tomorrow. Now, this is silly... but I thought when I signed up that "birth center" is where mothers give birth to their babies at the hospital??? mhmmm I guess they're two separate things??
  2. Congrats! I'm originally from the East Bay and currently live in the Peninsula. PM me if you ever wanna chat!

    Which hospital are you planning on having the baby at? Once you get further along they have plenty of classes for new parents ranging from CPR to Breastfeeding and general baby care. I suggest you sign up early, they fill up fast.

    Until then, relax and enjoy this time. You may get morning sickness soon, just remember to get plenty of fluids and listen to what your OBGYN tells you.
  3. congrats!! so happy for you and your dh! :flowers:

    and just a thought about a birth plan...yes do have one, but don't have it set it stone. things may not happen the exact way that you want. but in the end once you hold your baby it really doesn't matter how they came into the world :biggrin:
  4. Congrats! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy.

    I'm from the East Bay. I delivered my son three weeks ago in Oakland.

    As for your birth plan, do have one. Here's my experience, I had a birth plan writtend but my labor and delivery was everything as planned. I ended up with an emergency c-section and in the hospital for 5 days due to complications. So don't expect your L&D to go as planned.
  5. Congrats!!!!!!! :party:

    Don't worry, everything will work out fine! I would recommend to read 'pregnancy' books to get more familiar (that's what I have been doing) with terminology, procedures, etc. It feels good when you know more about what to expect and I think that makes you less nervous and more excited for what is to come.
  6. Thank you all so very much :smile:
    It helps a lot to know there's such thing as virtual support.

    DH and I talked about this a little "that eventhough our families are not around us, we have lots of information from internet, books, forums to help us get through this".

    It is a bit chessy but today I feel good to know that there's "little one" inside me that's keeping me company everyday.

    iamsmilin: we are planning to have it at John Muir Hospital Walnut Creek since it is only about 7 miles from our home.
  7. ^ John Muir Hospital is a great hospital. They will take care of you! Don't worry too much!
  8. mayen120 is a labor and delivery nurse in Walnut Creek, but I'm not sure what hospital.
  9. ITA, very well said. it's good to have a birth plan but i wouldn't spend lots of time/energy in fixating on how u want things to turn out , as things can get really unpredictable and u don't want to set yourself up for disappointment. i agree once your baby is out the details will not matter at all. :smile:
  10. congratulations, magda101! that's wonderful news! i agree with the girls, its good to have a birth plan but don't expect everything to go as planned. birth could be a complicated process, no matter how beautiful it is. so just make sure you make your wishes known to the medical staff, and hope for the best! congrats again!
  11. Congratulations, all my family and friends are in the UK so no baby shower for me!!! LOL thank god for Skype!!!!!! you will be a great Mum!
  12. Congrats! I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months!!
  13. Congratulations! I remember you posting in the TTC thread, so happy it worked for you.

    I'm on the Peninsula, btw. DayOne was a great resource for all my friends and I, and I know they have a Walnut Creek location. Go get a membership, and then you can use their library (books and videos) and go to their classes. That's where I did all my childbirth prep classes, new moms' groups, baby CPR class, lactation consultant, etc.

    I know it seems like you need to think about everything at once, but I really wouldn't worry about some of these things right now, like the birth plan or the hospital. I switched OBs and hospitals at about 20 weeks with DS and it was fine, really made no difference at all. You don't even have contact with the hospital till you're maybe 37 weeks, unless you do classes there. Just focus on being a healthy pregnant person for now and see how things go.
  14. Congratulations!! How exciting! Do all your research and do have a birth plan, but like everyone said, don't have it set in stone. I ended up having an unexpected c-section (so do your research on that and the other procedures as well). Also, we found out we were pregnant with our first child two weeks before we moved thousands of miles away from both our families. When we had our son, we had no friends or family around. So, no baby shower or anyone to "share" the experience with besides my DH and our families via phone calls.

    It's hard, but there's something very rewarding about doing things on your own. It is well worth it and all your fears/worries will melt the moment you hold your baby. There are so many resources on line and at the birthing center/hospital that you can take advantage of in the months to come.

    Congratulations again. & a happy and healthy pregnancy.
  15. Congratulations!!! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!!

    As everyone has said try to just enjoy being pregnant for the moment! Don't stress and think about everything all at once! Your body is working much harder now than it ever has so relax, lay down and read some good pregnancy books. I did a lot of research and read the What to Expect books which were great. When I was pregnant with my first daughter we were traveling a lot and living in london. Our families were all very very far away so noone was around to help. I came back to the states to give birth and then after 3 weeks went back to London. My DH was my support and he was absolutely wonderful! I agree with tariloveslouis that there is definitely something very rewarding about doing things on your own!!!