psst..don't let on to hubby, but Raisin Jessie is here!

  1. Pics coming hopefully tomorrow or Sunday.

    She's a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart::heart:
  2. AWESOME! cant wait to see pics! I just love the jessie in raisin- its my favorite color on that bag! congrats!
  3. Did you get it from Revolve Grace? I know it's a lovely bag. A Kooba Classic.
    Hmmm...that bag looks pretty distinct. Your husband is going to notice it. Or is it in your closet for a long while until the lines between what bags you have/what bags you had/and what bags that you want start to blur in his mind??? LOLOL
  4. Oh yippeee Grace! Such a great bag! Can't wait to see your photos.
  5. I'm soooo happy for you..........wait until you see it! It's a great bag!
  6. Oh just so beautiful! Can't wait to see it! I love that color too. Just lovely.
  7. Just make sure your hubby has on his sunglasses, maybe then he won't realize you have a new bag.