Psssttt! Hey! Ya wanna see my boobies?

  1. My new Magenta Boobie has arrived! Its soooo pretty! Now I'm waiting for my Ice Blue one to get here. My daughter asked why I have so many...all I could say was "I have no idea"...really. I just like the silly little things!
  2. Oooooh love them!!! :love: You're the boobie master, Donna! :nuts:
  3. BOOBIE QUEEN... love it! everyone time i see these boobies, i think of you!
  4. Great collection!!! Nine today, ninety-nine tomorrow!! We all support you in this endeavor!
  5. Pretty!
  6. How cute!
  7. boobies!!!!!!! :supacool:
  8. u cracked me up with that title :roflmfao:
    Donna i adore them.. my fav would be the pale blue one, the white one, and the white one with black trim.. s:huh::huh:o:huh:oo CuUuuUuUte :love:
  9. Oh for heaven's sake! It is so very adorable! :smile:
  10. WOAH! That's A LOT of boobies donna! LOL. They are sooooo purty! What can they fit though?
  11. who needs a swatch board when we have your boobies!

    i especially love the magenta and pewter, so fabulous!! :drool:
  12. Yayyyy I love Donna's boobies!! :nuts::graucho:
  13. Wow Donna! I bet my husband wished I had nine boobies!
  14. Very cute collection.
  15. very nice!!!!