Pssst...What are your security secrets?

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  1. I saw this picture and laughed out loud:

    (some nice bags, BTW, on this site. Anyone heard of Hark before?)

    Anyway, the picture reminds me of those awful moments when you think your keys/wallet/unmentionables have dropped out or, worse, been stolen.

    With huge open-top bags all the rage, what are your trusty habits to keep your belongings secure, yet easy to find, inside?
  2. For me, blind hope has worked so far
  3. i hardly buy bags that are opened and have no zipper pull.
  4. I suppose security for me means organizing the interior of my bag and knowing where my keys are for certain.

    To do this I use a Chameleon purse insert and a Finders Key Purse key hook.

    And some blind luck as well.

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  5. love finders keypurse and purseket
  6. Wow- I have to learn from you all b/c I'm terrible... never even have my bags zipped, I like having everything immediately accessible- hah! I DO live in LA, which means I'm in my car more than I'm walking, so I guess I feel less likely to lose things? I do need to think about those things when I'm in stores, etc...though :smile:

  7. What, pray tell, is a chameleon purse insert?
    I've never heard of such a thing.
    I'm curious to know more.
    My new Belen Echandia has no zip, clasp - and not even a magnetic button to hold it shut. I'm a little concerned. :sad:
  8. I could tell you ... but then I'd have to kill you.

    Just kidding. I love bags with a million pockets and zippers. I am such a little kid. My current Stella McCartney work bag has 5 zippered pockets (not counting one more interior pocket). The wallet and cell stay in the pocket closest to me and the keys stay in the one furthest away with my hand cleanser blocking access to them (since whenever I am getting them out to access home/work, I usually need to clean my hands from the subway anyway and its nice to be reminded).
  9. If I could be killed by the sharpshooting kitten in your avatar it might be worth it!

    I never thought about security much here in San Francisco, since I always figured the pickpockets mostly go after tourists. But then this year at Christmas some guy ripped my MP3 player out of my hands (and ears, ow!) on the subway platform. So now I keep things zipped up tight or in my pocket with my hand over it.
  10. That picture is hilarious!:lol:
  11. Thank you guys. I love my kitty. I take her with me to all the sample sales ... so I guess now with regards to my ultimate security secret, the cat's out of the bag. (Insert your groan here.)
  12. You don't need a clawsure on your bag then? (boom-boom)
  13. The picture is so funny!LOL!
  14. Jadejett,

    This is a Chameleon purse insert. They are about $20 and come in 3 sizes, mine is a small size. It has all kinds of pockets and slip pockets for stuff, I love mine as it makes switching handbags a breeze. Find them at:

    Also, there are other threads talking about the Chameleon.

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  15. Me either - I'm just too paranoid. On the few I did, they are always snapped closed, and they always ride high under my arm so I'd be SURE to feel someone groping around! :yes: