Pssst...don't Tell My Boyfriend!! *PICS*

  1. My boyfriend went on a road trip with the boys so i decided to pay a little visit to Chanel. This is the result after spending half an hour in my local boutique. ENJOY THE PICS!! ;)
    Photo 3.jpg Photo 2.jpg Photo 10.jpg Photo 4.jpg Photo 12.jpg
  2. STUNNNINGGGGG!!!! I love the metal framing around the tab!
  3. jaws dropped at the sight of this bag. Love the contrast of the white with that new chain. May I ask is this the medium or the jumbo size? And is it a double-flap inside? I wonder if it's available in the US...might have to hunt it down. You look gorgeous with it BTW!
  4. This is the Icon Flap, right? Gorgeous! Retails at SGD 4580 here!
  5. Such an eye candy! Congrats!!!!!
  6. Good for you! Those guys go for a roadtrip and you dont need any feedback on that beautiful purse!
    Love it!
  7. foxycleopatra - It's a medium size and it is a double flap. It should be avail. in the US. I think someone in here has the pink version.

    - You're right. It's the Icon flap from the Cruise collection
  8. it's so pretty. Congrats. how are you planning to break this to your bf? ;)
  9. Gorgeous! Love your new beauty! Enjoy :smile:
  10. So beautiful!
  11. It's absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Enjoy!
  12. it's goooorgeous ..:yahoo:
    i think this is the same style of MIffy27's rose pink flap:heart::nuts:
  13. gorg @
  14. Congrats! Its really a gorgeous purse! I am so addicted to flaps now.
  15. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!