psssst....i picked up my order yesterday!

  1. YAY! I called my store and they got them in! I ordered the Signature stripe shoulder tote in Denim (I saw this at the dept. stores, but I made sure to check jax and see if I could order it), the matching denim stripe mini skinny and the Legacy stripe lg. french purse! (wallet!) :yahoo:

    I saw the padlock keyfob yesterday, must go back in today and purchase it!!!
  2. Pretty!! I love that wallet! Congrats!
  3. oooooooo....nice! I want a Legacy wallet in the worst way, but will wait until I can get at a more reasonable price. The tote is lovely! Congratulations!
  4. I was browsing eBay and saw the wallet...i knew I had to have it. I wanted it so bad, I had to make a deal with hubby, no new orders until Dec. :cursing: was worth it, she's gorgeous!
  5. That wallet is absolutely gorgeous.
    Jeeeeeze. Now I want something else!
  6. StinkyMonkey- I just saw your collection...I have been frantically looking for that suede gallery tote with the pink piping! Lucky you!!
  7. That wallet is gorgeous, and I love the bag, too! Their shoulder totes are really great--very comfortable. Enjoy it!
  8. I found it on eBay the beginning of this year.
    It's a great bag.
    The sig fuchsia pink lining is lovely.:drool:
    Good luck and I hope you find it!
    I'm always on eBay and I'll let you know if I come across one:tup:
  9. HAH, after I saw your collection, I immediately went to ebay to try and find it! ALAS, no luck for me! Thank you though! PLEASE let me know when you find one!!
  10. emarsha, everything is beautiful - I love the way it looks together! :yes: You did well!!
  11. yay! i love the denim stuff!
  12. Congratulations! I love that wallet especially. :smile:

    I'm with you, I want that padlock keyfob too!
  13. Ohhhhh I love that wallet! I really want it!!
  14. I wanted that pursue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cute!
  15. I want that wallet!!! Great set you got there! :smile: