Psssst....a lot of chloes at NMLC

  1. Ok gals....I don't have permission to post all the pictures and I don't wanna have the store get bombarded with calls.:shrugs:

    I'll tell you what they have and pm me (with your e-mail) if you need more info/picture....;)

    Edith bowlers
    Brown edith satchel
    Mias edith shoulder bag
    White edith shoulder bag
    Whisky and beige edith (not the traditional style, not sure of the name)
    black paddy shopper
    Large light grey betty
    Large silverado satchel (not the classic style)
    Small black tracy
    Black tracy shopper
    brown ava (small one I think)
  2. Great stuff!! Thanks for posting!!
  3. I just happened to choose that one store hoping for a couple of chloes and I hit the motherload.
  4. how much is Mais messenger? It's calling my name. Thanks a lot!
  5. its not a messeger, its shoulder edith with the two front pockets. I think it was around $1202 - 20%
  6. oh, my bad. Good for the wallet, tho.
  7. Sooooo, did anyone get anything????
  8. Not yet.... waiting on pics. Hopefully tomorrow I will be posting about what I!!!
    Btw, thanks for the info!
  9. Mona, thanks for sharing!

    I shouldn't really ask but what the heck, how much for the Betty? I've never seen a grey one IRL. Is it patent? Light or dark?
  10. Its a lighter almost pale grey...and I am not sure how much!
  11. OK, thanks!

    I just saw your other post on NMLC Discover Mills deals and there was a red chain Betty that is tempting me...

    You always find the best deals!
  12. I went to this NMLC today. A ton of chloes. This is what I remember:
    Dark brown and black small silverado
    2 brown doctor bag large silverado
    tan Betty
    tan paddy
    small tan ava
    2 black edith satchels
    dark brown edith satchel
    2 red edith bowlers
    3 of another style(dont know the name) medium sized satchel with short straps
    tall Edith shoulder bag in Whiskey
  13. which NMLC
  14. Its austin texas
  15. It is the Brodie Oaks Austin TX NMLC.