PSP question

  1. I know there are a few of you that have a psp, can you tell me how you connect to the internet with it?

    I have wireless internet at home so will this do, or do I need something else?

  2. Yes, it works with wireless. Hope you figured it out, if not PM me.
  3. Yes...can someone please explain in detail? I don't have wireless. I need some sort of code? I tried for hours:crybaby: .
  4. You need wireless connection to do it. My DH rigged ours and all I can say is it's slow and the webpages are hard as heck to navigate. :push:
  5. I am very good with computers, but the thing gave me fits and my DS got an ipod instead. We used our wireless. I could do everything but load songs which is what he wanted it for. It's not good for browsing. I googled the problem. There are plenty of support boards for it. I couldn't explain how to do it again. Sorry. It was miserable, though.
  6. ROFL! I opened this thread thinking it was about Paint Shop Pro!
  7. You just set it up like setting up a wireless network adapter.