PSP goes PINK!

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    Sony was a little lax about making sure we knew they were going pink with Pink on the PSP today, too, but it does indeed look like we can chalk up another color for the portable. Apparently the singer's just doing the usual sponsored / co-branded business, releasing the P!nk Limited Edition PSP with headphones, remote, 32MB Memory Stick, but what raised a couple eyebrows over yonder is the fact that she's not signed with Sony, and what's more Sony will also offering Pink downloads on their YourPSP site. Anywho, from what we understand Sony pulled the official release, so they're apparently not yet prepped to discuss the ramifications of the PSP getting femmed. Debuts October 27th.
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    Girls love games. We know that, and it seems Sony’s cottoned on too, sprucing up its slimline PS2 in a much less macho pink – perfect for us girlies!

    Inside it’s no different to the standard console, but that lush pink casing means it’s a whole lot more eye-catching than your average set-top box.

    You get matching controllers and a pink memory card too, so everything looks the business as you wrap your pinkies round the PlayStation’s puce pads.

    Joining the players club will set you back a shade under £130, but there’s a copy of SingStar Popworld thrown in too. We hear it’s hitting shops on 8th November.

  3. Omg:nuts:
    I gotta get my hands on those! In Japan we have the mini PS2 in black, white and silver.
    I'd definitely get one if I didn't already have 2 PS2s:Push:
  4. This is sooo cute!! Do you know how much it'll cost? Also, where do I go to start putting my name on the list for it?:nuts:
  5. €229 or £169
  6. Oh, that is just too cute! If I had a TV in my "office" room, I'd definitely get one. But for now, I guess we'll stick with the regular looking black PS2 that my husband has... *sigh*
  7. Thanks! That's actually not bad. I guess I'll have to go ask video game stores to see if they are getting any in ... I would love a mini one to put in my purse. That way whenever I'm bored and on the go, I have something to do aside from text messaging.:yes:
  8. wow that's nice.
  9. Will this be released in the US?!?! I WANT ONE!

    I also want a pink ds lite!
  10. OMG. And another tech gadget to add to my list!!
  11. omigosh! i'm not a gamer, but i definately could be! i need that! haha
  12. ahhh.. glad i sold my original.. this pink one is WAY cuter! :tender:
  13. i LOVE pink!! OOO I WANT
  14. OH MY GOD! how can i order this???
  15. OMGOSH!!!!!! i love it! pink is my favorite color! the psp just looks so cute! it's so funny to see something i always see boys carry around all pink and adorable! :biggrin: i want one now!