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  1. hi ladies,
    im writing this thread for my sister who has psoriasis. and the shampoo she is currently using is nizoral, and nivea lotion.
    she use to use lubriderm, but after years of it... it stopped working, as in her skin still gets dry. and have been using nizoral for years, but as of late, her hair has been flaking out to the point it is driving her crazy!
    so my question is, for the ladies who have psoriasis, what shampoo and lotion do you use?
    sorry mods if there was already a thread, please move if necessary.
  2. I'm not sure about scalp psoriasis, but I know Aloe Vera gel (from the female plant), or some regular gel or aloe vera juice from a vitamin store is good for itchy/flaky scalp.

    I would research whether or not psoriasis will fall in that category though.
    Aloe Vera
  3. i have psoriasis and i like the aveda scalp therapy line for my scalp. However, I also have a prescription shampoo. For the body, I like lush dream cream. I cannot use lubriderm because it breaks me out in hives :sad:
  4. Is your sister seeing a dermatologist? If not, I recommend that she see someone. There are a ton of great prescription options for psoriasis right now.
  5. ^^ I agree with this. A dermatologist really is the best way to go