PSN Night Got 2 Took 1 Back Lotsa Pics!

  1. I met Karman at Holts at 3, I arrived at 2 LOL and we actually stayed until 7, although her post says 4 :p Lol -- I had a blast and as usual I have to look at every bag in the store and talk to all the SAs ROFL poor Karman haha - but we had a good time :smile: I still think she looked cute in the silver headband --

    I took home a Le Confident in Verone, which I took back the next day .. pics on that later, but my LOVE LVoe Baby Bag !!! That I've been dying for has been hiding out in the Bloor Store in Toronto and finally is home with me :smile: ...
    A Geranium Suhali Le Talentueux

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Its a discontinued colour and apparently the last available in Canada - the picture on the attachment showes me revealing the beautiful lock from the blue plastic LOL I consider that the moment I claim it for my own :smile: -- the reason it was still at the Toronto store was its missing the key and so was hidden away until someone requested the bag ... Me ! ... so now the key / clochette is on order from France and they hadn't marked price updates for a while .. (oops!) Lol so along with my $200 PSN gift card I had a nice surprise of $300 off the current price on the bag that I was expecting.

    The Second Bag, the Le Confident in Verone - I hadn't seen it in person, and was only one of 2 or so available in Canada when I asked for it, thought it would be a great all-round all season shoulder bag - but didn't need white, or black and the grey (best described I think as elephant grey) didn't suit me or my wardrobe, nor did it come close to making me as happy as the Le Tal so I took it back and sure it will make someone else that happy, and something else will come out that will be a better fit for me.
    I'll attach pictures in the next message..
  2. Already said this when I saw it before PSN, but it's gorgeous!!!

    So you are taking back the Le Confident--well, you were having second thoughts anyway. Whatcha gonna get to replace it?? :graucho: That Prada bag you really liked?? :graucho:

  3. Poor me?? No way, it was fine talking to all the SAs at Holts, hopefully they know I'm with you so they'll stop looking down on me now!!

    And I looked silly in that silver headband...blech!
  4. Congrats Vista!! The bag is very pretty!!
  5. OMG VISTA! I LOOOVE IT! You made an EXCELLENT CHOICE!! YAY! If you ever want to borrow my matching belt, CALL ME!

  6. Here's pic of the Le Confident I took back -- if it was just a bit larger and comes out in someting a bit more colourful it will be a tdf for me :smile: ... I especially love that there is an outer back pocket that has a magnetic inner clasp.



    Oh yeah, so if your looking for one,,, its probably available at the Calgary store today!
    LeConf3.jpg LeConf2.jpg LeConf1.jpg LeConf.jpg LeConf4.jpg
  7. Haha Matt, I've been thinking about your matching belt!!!! It is super hot Rofl, I know
  8. Ohhh those are both pretty! Yes I agree that grey does nothing for you but the Red OMG that one is just TOO hot!
  9. I love the Verone Le Confident, its very low key, that way you have a flashy Suhali Germanium Le Tal and the Low Key one... Maybe get it in Black? its flashy?
  10. Love your bag, I like the grey Le confident, looks kinda small thouh. Get a Le fAB HEHEE.
  11. congrats on the le tal! that's a gorgeous! i'm hoping to get a suhali someday *sigh*
  12. Well this opens me up to more shopping in Europe on my upcoming trip :smile: so I'll have some pics of something I'm sure when I come back Lol I'm going to leave my options open for bag number 2 I think till then.

    Karman, I was looking at that Prada bag again last night Lol .. dang that plaque one doesn't have a strap LOL
  13. congrats!
  14. Beautiful bags! Karman was right! I actually am surprised by how much I like Le Confident, but the colour does look kind of neutral. Le Tal is my fave Suhali bag!
  15. congrats! the le tal is gorgeous great choice!!

    is there a topic on TPF with your collection? I bet it's amazing!