PSN night and my two new acquisitions!! **TONS OF PICS!**

  1. I was over at my boyfriend's last night so I couldn't post pics! But I got home not too long ago and resized all the pics I took with my phone now!

    Store stock:
    While we were there, a couple of SAs were unpacking a new shipment of stock. We saw the monogram T&B agenda (VERY cute...but the small agenda is too small for me and my SA said I already have the medium one, don't need another one), denim agenda (it has a koala closure! Very cute as well but it was already spoken for), colourful travel bandeaus in both white and black (which Tina bought), new gold/silver pens with the monogram on the pen body (VERY nice looking, the silver one is HOT!) and the Nimbuses were there already. I am not a fan of the anthracite at all, too dark and boring for me but the perle is TDF!! Very, very pretty, lots of marbling. The GM was way too big for me, and the PM was way too small so I passed on both although the PM was on hold for me. I was waitlisted for the perle PM...but an anthracite PM came even if I still wanted one I wouldn't have been able to get one anyway!

    It was fun!! I met up Tina (Vista) at Holt Renfrew at around 3 PM and we were there until 4 PM!! LOL We pretty much stayed in HR until the event started. Got some coffee in between, but most of the time we were just looking at bags inside HR and talking to SAs.

    Here's a picture of Tina's Duomo and my Mini Lin Speedy with their own chair at the coffee shop:

    PSN got crazy very quickly!! We already preordered everything so we only had to line up to pick up our purchases, and then line up again to get our gift cards. I spent enough to get the $200 gift card, which will either go towards my Damier tote or my boyfriend's Christmas present (Damier 6 CC billfold).

    Here's a pic of our shopping bags and our bags on top while we were waiting to get our gift cards:

    We pretty much left after that...I went home to my boyfriend's and started taking some pics...sorry about the quality, I was using a 3.2 megapixel camera phone...

    My gigantic shopping bag :nuts:



    I'm not teasing; I just hit the maximum number of files that I can be continued immediately...
    psn1.jpg psn2.jpg psn3.jpg psn4.jpg psn5.jpg
  2. Sounds like fun.......... I want to see what's in the dustbags!!
  3. new Popincourt Haut and black MC Aurelia MM!! :yahoo:


    Love both bags...the Aurelia MM is TDF!!
    My SA gave me the option again of transferring another one in better condition from another with lighter patina and no wrinkle on the front. But it didn't bother me that much, and I liked how soft the leather was (bag is very easy to wear now) and the colour combo is perfect. She warned that even if she can bring another one in it may not have the same colours I want, so I just said I'll take it!! I'm sure it's been in storage/on display for a bit, so it's about time someone takes it home! white LVs at the front, just what I wanted...

    Closeup of the front...

    When Tina saw the one white LV at the back...I said yup...but it's inevitable that there's at least ONE white LV since the canvas isn't cut/covered anywhere...

    What I had inside it yesterday and there's more room left! Once the snaps are undone, the tote can fit lots more too! :yes:

    to be continued...
    psn6.jpg aurelia0.jpg aurelia1.jpg aurelia2.jpg aurelia3.jpg
  4. Gorgeous Karman!!!!! I'm so happy you took that me, the wrinkle will get better!
  5. Congrats Karman!! I love all the bags and we have matching damier agendas! i wonder what Vista got!?!!?!

    Congrats again!
  6. With the snaps's what it looks like (the other thing I loved about this colour combo is that both sides' colour combos are identical...not sure if that's the case for Aurelias or just a few...)

    Modeling pics...I am 5'7":
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    And to give you an idea of how dark the vachetta are the straps of my Aurelia compared to the straps of my PH (almost white vachetta) dark patina with black MC though! I already wrinkled the straps from using the bag...only after ONE day...hahaha
    aurelia4.jpg aureliava1.jpg aureliava2.jpg aureliava3.jpg straps.jpg
  7. Karman, they are both goregous. Love the color combo on your Aurelia. Congrats.
  8. It looks stunning on you, girl!!! I love it!!! The color combo is too die's so bright and cheery.
  9. oh my..the MC is so love love the colors congrats!!enjoy your new babies!!!
  10. Moving onto my PH...this will be my soon-to-be most frequently used mono bag. I love my Beverly MM but there's just too much vachetta for me to use it every day. Plus the PH is so much bigger and fits so much...I love it!!
    I can't wait for the patina on my PH to develop. It looks super yummy with the white vachetta but I love watching patina develop...


    And modeling pics...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    That's it!!

    I will let Tina spill out what she got...she purchased two VERY GORGEOUS bags (expensive too!) but I think she's having second thoughts about one...? Not sure about her decision, you will all have to wait until she posts!

    I now cannot wait to do layaway until November for my plum Le Tal any more. After my Visa cuts off I am going to pay the rest right away, because my scholarship money should come in early October and I'll have more than enough time to transfer funds! After's a temporary ban for me so I can recover before getting my damier tote, Tivoli PM and silver Suhali zippy wallet!
    ph1.jpg phva1.jpg phva2.jpg phva3.jpg
  11. Wow karman, you look stunning in that black bag. Hope to see you in Banff next month. :smile:
  12. congrats!! i want the haut!! :biggrin:
  13. congrats! both bags are gorgeous.
  14. Congrats !! the PH is my all time fave bag so I'm glad you've got one too now ! :graucho:
  15. karman i love your black MC colour combo!! full of pink and purple:nuts:

    and actually i prefer the honey vanchetta too!! the PH is a bit pale compared to it hehe.. congrats!!