Pseudoephedrine law?? WTH??

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  1. So last night I went to Urgent Care cuz my ears have been plugged up for two days and it's driving me nuts. The doc says it's due to pressure that's been built up from having allergies and a cold. So he tells me to get Sudafed - 24 hrs and Claritin - D. So I go to CVS and they will only sell me one of them that night and that I had to go back this AM to get the other. The guy told me that there's a law that prohibits the sale of more than 3.60 grams of a product containing pseudoephedrine a day. I asked him what that was all about and he said it's due to the fact that that particular drug is used to make meth.......uh gee nice to know!! OMG do I look like a meth freak??

    It was sorta funny. Anywho, so this AM I took both the sudafed and the claritin and I also had about 12 oz of coffee and I'm so jittery!! I called the pharmacists and she said "oh I wish you would have called me BEFORE taking both those together". I asked why and she said it was too much of that stuff at once. So then I asked her what was gonna happen to me as a result and she said I would be jittery and have problems sleeping.........great, just freaking fantastic........just what I need now!! UGH!

    Well the stupid Urgent Care doc told me to take both....................:oh:

    So I guess this is gonna be me today and maybe tomorrow: :nuts::wtf::shocked::upsidedown:

    So everyone be warned: DON'T TAKE SUDAFED (with pseudoephedrine) and CLARITIN-D at the same time!!!! :lol:

    Dangit and I wanted to go to the gym today too but now I'm afraid I might have a heart attack or something w/adrenaline rush!! This totally sucks!!
  2. Yes, that has been going on in canada for years, not sure about the states. I can't believe they told you to take both at once! and yes, if you go to the gym today, take it easy. lol
  3. Whatever, meth freak!!!

    I hate how a bunch of assclamps have to ruin it for us normal people. Although, for future reference, I'm sure your friend of bf/husband could get the other pack for you. It's 3.6 grams per customer...yeah??
  4. It happens here in the states. I had to buy Claritin D recently, late one evening, and they had to see my license and write down the information.
  5. It's because it's very very easy to make meth from pseudophedrine. Two step reaction, no wonder they control it now.
  6. yeah that's true but unfortunately it was around 10pm by this time and the kiddies were in bed and so was my DH!

    I asked if I could leave the store and come back in about 10 min (as if I had never been there) and they guy said no way cuz they swipe your it goes in the system. And them it shows this little blurb that you have to sign that says something like.........IF YOU FALSIFIED ANY INFO WHEN BUYING THIS PRODUCT YOU COULD BE SUBJECT TO 5 YEARS IMPRISONMENT AND UP TO $250,000...............holy crap batman!! :police:
  7. Last time I bought it I was able to get it at Target without showing a license or anything, but I did have to ask the pharmacist behind the counter. If they had wanted to fill out a log with my information from my DL, I would have just left -- I've done this at this one grocery store that makes its customers fill out a log and then sign it when they buy alcohol. !!!! :wtf: I can't begin to say how much this offends me. Plus, something about having to say pretty please/mother may I to a pharmacist for pseudoephedrine irks me, given that I'm a physician. :Push:
  8. Well, you may be jittery now...but just be glad you took the regular Sudafed, and not the "PE"-type stuff. The stuff you DON"T have to sign for contains Phenylephrine. I mistakenly drank a cup of coffee after taking some, thinking it was regular pseudophedrine. That was one of the worst days I can remember. My heart was beating so fast for about 12 hrs straight that I thought it would burst. I was dizzy and nauseous and shaking. I was still in high school, mind you, so I wasn't bright enough to go to the ER, apparently. I was home alone that day, so I just ran on the treadmill for like 2 hours. I had too much energy to think straight. SO, fair warning to all: DONT USE SUDAFED PE WITH COFFEE!
  9. The pseudoephedrine law has been in effect in Illinois since 2006. I used to work in a pharmacy as a tech and let me tell you, we'd rather sell the Sudafed to you with no problems, you know how annoying it is to have to take down all your information? Pharmacies are busy enough without having to deal with extra paperwork and time, plus arguing with people when they don't want to give up their information. When it first went into effect we had to check ID and write it all down in a book.
  10. This law makes me wonder how the pain med addicts get their hardcore pain meds every month with no problems (sometimes even refilling early!) and the rest of us have to sign our lives away just to get rid of some allergies. :wtf:
  11. Shoot, I can't take Claritin at all. It makes me feel like I'm on meth! (well, what I'd guess that feels like anyway.)
  12. It's so they can keep track of if you are buying the other ingredients to makes drugs, it's a system to help expose drug dealers.

    I use an allergy pill through my doctor that has a large dose of pseudoephedrine in it about 2 years ago they stopped mailing the refills because of new laws and now they have to be picked up. The pills are very effective but can cause me to have sleepless nights sometimes, thankfully I don't need them on a daily basis.
  13. What he said.

    I hate that a bunch of people with nothing to do than make drugs can ruin the lives of all of the congested people in the world.
  14. Claritin D is the ONLY thing that helps my allergies/congestion. I feel like a criminal when I need to buy some. It took forever the first time and was told once the info was in the system it would be quicker next time. well, next time, the state had changed their requirements so it was just as long. Criminy. Our county is meth central though, so I accept they have to be careful.
  15. WOW! That's pretty good to know that you guys restrict the actual AMOUNT (weight) that is sold. In NZ we either say NO we don't have any in stock or we just have to make out own judgement if we want to sell it or not. Usually when I'm working I just say, "Nah we don't stock Psuedo products anymore BUT I can offer you something else" then get ripped into! HA HA :roflmfao:
    Pseudo has been re-classed over here, but people are still getting and making Meth :sad:

    Hope you're feeling better! :smile: