Pseudoephedrine free allergy/sinus meds?

  1. I just bought allergy/sinus medicine-hubby and I use it a lot. I see they are all formulated differently now and all of the brands are "pseudoephedrine free"-does anyone know why that is?

    And, does anyone know if this new stuff they are putting in the allergy/sinus meds, Phenylephrine HCI will work just as good? I also notice that my old brand that had Pseudoephrine HCI had 30 mg. of it-yet, the new stuff with Phenylephrine HCI only has 5 mg of that.
  2. Well...ephedrine is a major stimulant, which is used in diet pills, I'm guessing pseudoephedrine works basically the same way, and its not good for you. We used to sell ephedrine at 30mg at my old job, and then (in Canada) it went down to 8mg's, the government basically changed the amount available. It is a nasal decongestant obviously, but the side effect would be weight loss. It can give you heart palpitations, etc.
  3. The reason all the major brands are now pseudoephedrine free is because of the recent change in government legislature concerning pseudoephedrine sales. Pseudoephedrine is the key ingredient used to make crystal meth and so the government saw fit to limit the amount any person can buy per sale and per month. My husband and I both take Claritin-D 24 hr. and we can only buy 10 pills at a time which is a huge PITA. I have to show my drivers license and get logged into a pseudoephedrine sales notebook every time I buy the stuff.

    While I can appreciate what our lawmakers are trying to do, I think it's absurd to think that this will help. If I wanted to drive to all the drug stores within a 5 mile radius of my home on a given day and buy a box of Claritin-D from each one there's nothing stopping me (or the druggies) from doing so. Plus, this is only placing a burden on the honest people. The druggies now get theirs from Mexico where they can get it cheaper and more potent.
  4. If it is for sinusitis, the more natural way is to have a warm salty irrigation into the nose, It's like being dump in the water at the gives you instant clearness in the nose, all you have to do is use a small teapot and tilt your head back pour into one nostril and then let it sit there and run into the next nostril, maybe do it in the shower.....clear up sinusitis quite quick.
  5. most... if not all cough and cough remedies in New Zealand are Pseudo free now... everything has Phenylephrine in it instead...just for the fact that ppl are making 'homebake' etc from it... its a real growing problem over here! but since the laws have tighten up things arent looking too bad - i guess... :Push:
  6. I notice now that you have to show ID to chemist if your going to buy anything with pseudoephrine. There concern about people making ecstacy tablets and that's the key ingredient.^^^homebaked = that what you call it in NZ?
  7. yeah u have to show photo ID now if you happen to buy like a cough syrup that has Pseduo in it... (in New Zealand)
    homebake... P, speed, Pure etc... :Push:
  8. I used to use Sudafed (with pseudoephedrine) and I reacted TERRIBLY. Not like normal allergy symptoms, either. It would give me the jitters and keep me awake, and if I could fall asleep I would have terrible dreams. It does something with your capillaries so that my scalp itched unbearably, and it gave me terrible dry mouth. Personally, I'd rather have congested sinuses! I now use phenylephrine products and find they work much better.
  9. I agree and it makes me feel like a criminal having to show my ID just to buy a box of Sudafed. I also don't think that psedo-free meds work nearly as well.
  10. ITA. Phenylephrine does nothing for me either. As much as I resent having to fill out forms and show ID for the pseudoephedrine, I'd rather do that than have a head full of snot. I buy big boxes of it at Costco so I don't have to deal with the hassle as often.

    Slightly OT, but one of the grocery stores in my area had a similar driver's license log for when you buy alcohol. Once I got wind of that Big Brother business, I told them I would purchase my booze elsewhere. Geez!
  11. I can't take pseudoephedrine because I have a bad reaction to it, heart racing, sleeplessness etc.. so I appreciate the new brand of pseudoephedrine free mediaction but I have heard that it doesn't work as well =(

    Major bummer because I am having sinus issues right now and am scared to take anything!
  12. Same goes for me, except the scalp thing. Last time I took pseudoephedrine sinus meds I reacted very badly as well. If is funny you also mention bad dreams because I had a horrible nightmare when I last took it a few days ago. I immediately stopped and now prefer to suffer through my sinus issues rather than take that horrible stuff.

    Regarding the Saline rinse, I wish I could try this because I'e heard nothing but great things about it but I bought a netti pot and on the box it says not to use if you have ear pressure, which I do. I made an appointment with a ENT to see if he can help me figure out what is going on.

    I am a healthy 29 year old who has never suffered from alergies or sinusitis...?
  13. I'm glad they've taken them out ... I have sensitive sinuses and couldn't do the ones with the Pseudophedrine because it gave me intensely, excruciating pain.
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  15. ^^haha Swanky... there's been a lot of thread resurrection lately...looks like this one happened btwn post #7/8.

    On that note, i'd have to add that the psuedo-ephedrine free stuff does not work on me, or it makes me fall asleep. Claritin D-12 seems to be the only thing i can take that whacks the allergies & lets me stay awake to make it thru the day. It's been hard doing without due to pregnancy.